27 December, 2009

Nagpur Police gone Mad!

Since a few weeks Nagpur police have started 'nakabandi' all round the city.

A Nagpurian has to face many difficulties when he drives. Firstly, the roads here aren't like a metropolis. Secondly, more than half of the population don't know how to drive according to the rules.

And thirdly, when you are driving merrily, enjoying your ride, you find barricades on the road and the policemen suddenly stop you. They ask you to show your driving license and all your vehicle papers and scrutinize every paper you give them. You are very polite with them, and they are very rude with you. After verifying every paper, they let you go. But if there is even a very small problem with the papers, they challan you or demand bribe.

So after doing all this, you proceed with your spoiled ride. After 2-3 kilometers again you find barricades and rude policemen on your way. Again the whole process continues. What the F.
They start this shit at 6' o clock in morning and continue till 10' o clock night.

Everybody curses the Nagpur police in our city. The police have gone mad.

Even though there is such strict checking or Nakabandi by the police, sensational thefts of vehicles, house breaking, etc. are rampant in the city.

25 December, 2009

Blog Banner

Did you notice that?
Yes, the new blog banner.
Its really fantastic. Full credits of the blog banner goes to


Thanks Madhav!

24 December, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The Gaurav's Blog wishes its readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have Happy Holidays.


19 December, 2009

Think carefully before comitting a crime, because...

..."God punishes those who are not properly punished by the court."

For example, Pravin Mahajan (you know him, right?)

17 December, 2009

{Poem}: Mother Earth.

God created the planet Earth.
Life was meant for this planet,
And here it took its birth.

The earth, being bestowed with life,
Was happy and joyed.
Then why is man cutting her with a knife?

We consider the Earth as our mother.
A mother who is nurturing us since long,
Then why are we preparing for her slaughter?

In spite of such trouble, our mother is calm.
But the time is not far,
When the angry mother will strand us in a filthy farm.

Author - Gaurav Bhorkar.
Creative Commons License
Mother Earth by Gaurav Bhorkar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.

12 December, 2009

Is splitting states to smaller ones justified?

In my opinion, yes!

I personally feel that smaller states (not too small) ensures better governance. Telangana should be separated from Andhra Pradesh, Vidarbha should be separated from Maharashtra, etc. But care should be taken by the centre not to go on splitting states one by one.

I asked some of my friends for their opinion on separating Vidarbha from Maharashtra. Most of them supported separation. One of them said that if Vidarbha is separated, then we (at Nagpur) will loose developed cities like Mumbai, Thane, Pune, etc.

But do you know that from where resources (like electricity, cotton, etc.) are supplied to these so called developed cities?
Its from the underprivileged, undeveloped part of Maharashtra called Vidarbha.
Vidarbha is always ignored by the Maharashtra government. Nagpur is the geographical center of our country, it should have been a developed city far before. When the politicians come to Nagpur for the winter session, it seems that they have come for a holiday or a picnic.

My father has visited most cities in western Maharashtra (because of his job). He told that almost all farms in western Maharashtra are provided with well irrigation facilities. There are gas pipelines in Mumbai, Zero load-shedding in most of the cities in western Maharashtra. Whereas, in Vidarbha's farms lack basic irrigation facilities, electricity, etc. Also not a single city in Vidarbha is free of load-shedding. There are three power-plants in Vidarbha, and a huge amount is diverted to western Maharashtra to make them free of load-shedding.

The ambitious MIHAN project in Nagpur is also a victim of the State government's negligence.
The list of complaints is endless. The promises made by the ministers wither within weeks.

If Vidarbha region is discriminated by Maharashtra Government, then why not have a separate state with Nagpur as capital, and govern the new state better.

10 December, 2009

Why Cricket is so popular in India?

Indian's are crazy for cricket. So much crazy, that other sports are not even thought by them.

Why are people so crazy only for cricket?

Well, the Indian people are not responsible for that. The media is responsible. Only Cricket is aired live on the Doordarshan (DD 1). I've rarely seen other sport live on the Doordarshan. If you look at the sports section in the news paper, you'll find news and articles related to Cricket all over, and that too with bold headlines. News related to other sports are situated in the corners with tiny headlines which don't make any sense.

Yesterday, India lost the T20 cricket match against Sri Lanka in Nagpur. Also, India won a hockey match against China in a semifinal in Argentina. Remember that Hockey is our national game. In today's newspaper, a very big headline stated that India lost the match with colorful effects and big images. The news about the Hockey game that India won was situated in the bottom of the paper and with no colors and images.
I wonder, if the media likes to see India loose and put their news in their papers.

This is the respect, the Indian MEDIA shows to our national game.

The most dreadful thing, many people think that Cricket is our national game.

The media is responsible for many things, they can change anything. This is the only reason why India gets 5,6 gold medals in Olympics.

08 December, 2009

The newspaper article which affects...

My parents read a very interesting article published in the newspaper recently. The article stated that Internet can be very addictive. And that article influenced them to a great extent. Now, they are thinking that I am addicted to the net. They are also saying that I'm glued to the computer always (even when I sit for 2 hours, ONLY).

Oh God,
Please save me!...lol.

06 December, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

 Best Dad
Happy birthday to the best dad I know,
A father I love and respect,
A dad who fulfills all his duties
To teach, to guide, to protect.
If everyone had such a father,
A really good dad like mine,
The world would be so much better,
It would look like God’s own design.
By Joanna Fuchs

05 December, 2009

This is the

50th post

And I hope that I will be writing continuously in the same manner I had written until now.

03 December, 2009

Traffic Signal Program ver_2.0

A Windows version of my previous traffic signal program.

The program shows how traffic signals work.

Screen shot:

Whe do we (Indians) eat with our fingers?

Because eating with your fingers makes you aware of the temperature of the food.
Otherwise you will burn your tongue and lips!

And some very high class people think that this the uncivilized and unclean method to eat food.
Tell me, can you determine that the food is hot with the help of a spoon? And how will you cut the roti with the cutlery?

The best way to relish INDIAN food is to eat with your bare fingers. And yes, don't forget to wash your hands before dining.

01 December, 2009

A Simple Table Tennis Program.

This program is not a game, its a type of a real time scorecard.


Here is the link to download: TableTennisProgram_by_Gaurav 

Programming is my hobby!
Next program to come is a windows version of my Traffic Signal Program


26 November, 2009

26/11: The Unforgettable

A year before 10 fully armed terrorists attacked the financial capital of our country, mercilessly firing on innocent civilians killing more than 180 of them. I sadly watched the news on television as the security forces brought the dead bodies one by one from the attack sites. Fortunately, at least one terrorist was captured, who paved way for investigators. Every time I recall the footage I watched on the television, shivers run all over my body.

Mumbaikars are very brave; the city was restored as it is within a couple of days.

No one can forget those deadly events.

Recently, there were reports that India is one of the most terror affected countries. A few weeks ago, the army chief rightly said that USA has not allowed another 9/11, UK has not allowed another London attacks, but India has allowed many terror attacks on its soil. Our country is attacked by terrorists and naxalites quiet often. Now it’s the time to stop this menace, we cannot afford another terrorist attack.

Hats off to all those brave NGS commandoes and (some of) the police force who prevented the perpetrators from turning the event from worse to worst.
The police need to be fit and fully trained to counter these attacks. Our police officers just sit in the police station with big fat tummies and accept bribe. The navy should also be improved. Why our navy could not detect such an infiltration from sea route? Well, it remains unanswered.

Wake up UPA sarkar. Aren’t you worried about the AAM  ADMI’s security.

19 November, 2009

{Poem}: The C Programming Language

There is the C programming Language
Decades old, but still influencing the modern Age

A product of Dennis Ritchie's Wisdom
which made it to every computer System

Initially developed for the UniX
It became one of the best Six

Many languages were inspired by C
Thats why computers understand, think, and See.

Author - Gaurav Bhorkar
Creative Commons License
The C Programming Language by Gaurav Bhorkar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.

16 November, 2009

2012: The end is not far

With the global warming on a high rise, the climate changing rapidly, the tsunamis, increasing levels of oceans, I can surely say that the 'apocalypse' is not very far away.
May not be in 2012, but very much in the future.

So, better prevent instead of facing the nature's wrath!

PS: 2012, the movie was good.

14 November, 2009

Happy Children's Day

I want to live in an India where children:
  • are free from malnutrition
  • get free schooling
  • are not abused
  • are never into labour
  • get all the love they need
  • are never beaten
Such was the dream of our first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

A very Happy CHILDREN'S DAY to all.

12 November, 2009

Nagpur Airshow

Yesterday, an air show was organised by the Indian Air Force (Maintenance Command) here in Nagpur. The Suryakiran aerobatic team performed magnificently. The same stunts of last year were performed this year also.
It was really awesome. The way the flew their planes at high speeds, the stunts, was thrilling. The atmosphere was filled with patriotism.

Image credit: Wikipedia

11 November, 2009

Computer Upgraded

My PC is running very fast!

Today I upgraded it with 1GB RAM, a new advanced motherboard (Intel), and a new Dual core CPU. It has almost become as good as new.


10 November, 2009

Raj Strikes Again

Heard the news...its the headline on almost all the newspapers.

"MLA Abu Azmi slapped and pushed by MNS MLA's for taking oath in Hindi in Maharashtra Assembly oath taking ceremony."

It happened for the first time in history, a maha shame for Maharashtra. Isn't that more than enough, they want everything in Marathi. Goonda culture is on rise ^

If you watch the video footage, you will find that it was Azmi's fault too, he provoked them. What if he took oath in Marathi?

Indira Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar, APJ Abdul Kalam....are known for what they did and not for where they came from.

08 November, 2009

06 November, 2009

The True Legend.

The way Sachin Tendulkar batted yesterday evening was exceptionally well. Even at the age of 36 years, he played like a 25 year old. Congratulations Sachin, for your 45th century and becoming the first person to cross 17000 runs in ODIs. India should have won the match.

Runs - 175
Balls faced - 141
4s - 19
6s - 4

05 November, 2009

Poeple need to be educated for night driving.

At night, most of the people drive with the headlight in upper (beam) mode. This is a serious cause of concern. Recently one of my friends just escaped a major accident because of this. The very strong light of the vehicle coming from opposite direction blinded him for a few seconds.

Moreover, when we flash our upper (I mean your vehicle), there is no reaction from the other vehicle. Most people don't understand the traffic rules. You are supposed to switch the head light to dipper mode when the vehicle at the other side beams its light on you. There are other uses also.

I wonder why people want to see other vehicles and blind people instead of seeing the road.

Put the headlight in beaming mode only when you need it. Also, know the traffic instructions well.

01 November, 2009

YOU are not a human if:

* You pee in public places. (This is a common sight.)

* You jump a red traffic signal.

* You litter your city with garbage.

* You eat gutkha (of kharra, whatever it may be) and spit on the road (or anywhere else)

* You spit wherever you want.

* You accept bribe.

* You bribe someone. (Most of us do this)

* You tease girls on the road and follow them. (I've seen people doing this)

* You cheat a foreign tourists.

There are many more.

I wrote this post because I've been seeing all this since my childhood. Don't you want your country to be clean and posh. Someone has to take initiaitve to curb these 'inhuman' acts. Almost 99% of cycle riders jump the red traffic signal (even in front of a policeman). I don't care if people eat gutkha, but it feels very bad when such people spit in public.

A couple of months ago, I was in Bangalore. I was waiting at the railway station. I saw some foreign tourists putting unwanted stuff into the trash bin. And I also saw our 'indegenous' and literate students littering stuff in the railway station.
I felt very ashamed. "What would the foreighners think about our country?"

We need to change our attitude.

27 October, 2009

Learn, but good things.

Before four years, one of my friend's batch mate got selected in a youth exchange programme. He was very happy as he was going to The United States of America for ONE year. When he returned after an year, he was totally changed – his way of talking, his style, he had started smoking, etc. Obviously, he fell pray to the country's very 'open' culture. He was unhappy when he came back, he wanted to go back. After completing his 12th standard, he again went to US. This time not through any exchange program, but with his own money (i.e his father's). He took admission in a reputed engineering college there.

Suddenly, after completing one year he came back. When friends asked him about the cause, he said that he had miserably failed in the first year (because he enjoyed too much and didn't study well). And this time he was addicted to drugs and smoking! His friends felt very sorry for him. Now he is in India again doing the same first year of engineering.

I know that youth exchange programmes are very good. We learn very good and new things from new people. But you should not include bad things from other peoples culture to your culture. America has open culture, but you cannot follow that same culture in your own country.

PS: This post somewhat relates to a post on my brother's Mayur's Blog

21 October, 2009

The Taliban Scare !

News related to terror attacks by Taliban are making to the front page of popular dailies. Recently Taliban attacked Pakistan several times. Looks like the Taliban is very enraged with the US aid to Pakistan. They have also warned to attack India in the near future.

India always says that Pakistan gives safe havens to terrorists. Now those safe havens are turning against Pakistan itself. In my opinion, Pakistan should allow peace keeping forces from other countries to evict those dreaded terrorists. India instead of blaming Pakistan, should help her along with US and other countries. No country wants terrorists attacks.

The Taliban terrorists say that they want to attack India to liberate the India Muslims and the Kashmiris. But I am confident, they cannot do this. The Muslim communinity in India consider themselves Indian and they respect India (*I'm confident about this*).

Lets hope that the Taliban will soon be destroyed !

17 October, 2009

Today I fell into hell.

He he.

I fell into the hell.

Being the day of Lakshmi Pujan, I was supposed to wake up at 4:00 AM and do my daily chores, but I woke up too late at 6:00 AM.

I'm not telling this, my parents are. Ya, according to my parents (or any old Hindu person), if you don't wake up and bath before the sun rises (on the day of Lakshmi Pujan i.e. Diwali), you are supposed to go to hell.

Oh God ! Don't throw me into Hell.

Ha Ha.

13 October, 2009

Diwali is a festival of lights, not sound.

With the day of lakshmi poojan nearing up, people are getting excited day by day. Shopping malls, streets, etc are flooded with people. Total rush in market places.

And when I saw a cracker shop, even more rush !

Coming to the title of the post,
People buy firecrackers which create huge noise (eg. Laxmi bomb, there are many types.).

What do you get when you explode those tiny bombs ?

Noise which makes you deaf, causes sound pollution, scares animals, litters the environment with pieces of paper, etc. (There are many more ill effecs that cannot be listed here)
Moreover, don't you loose your hard earned money in creating such irritating sounds and pollution.

Diwali is the festival of lights, so buy firecrackers which creates light and no (or very less) sound.

11 October, 2009

Keep going, you useless politicains !

The assembly election fever in Maharashtra is on high rise since a few days. With this, the politician has started the blame game. Now, some of them are talking nonsense.

Following are the recent headlines in several newspapers:
"Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan calls MNS chief Raj Thakre a FROG"
"Raj retaliates by calling Mr. Chavan a BRAINLESS fellow"
"Shiv Sena spokesperson calls Raj a 'Supari-Man' of Congress"
There are many more.....
Absolutely Useless !
Instead of this, parties should concentrate on campaining which will benefit them.

07 October, 2009

We need a Change.

The congress has done many wrong things in the past. Inspite of that Indians always vote for congress.
Is there something wrong with the Indian mentality ?
Isn't there another alternative for the Congress Party ?

When my dada asked our maid about the party she votes for, the reply was Congress. When asked why, the reason was the party symbol "The Hand". Our hand does all the work, hence we vote for Congress.

The illiterate people are not going to change their mind. Only educated people like us can change. I am not asking you to vote for the BJP. The Congress has been in power for most of the time since Independence. Look at China, the country was formed in 1959 and it has gone so far compared to India's development.

YES, We need a change in government this time, atleast in the Maharashtra State assembly elections.

06 October, 2009

Rain Rain Come Again

After a breif lull the rainy season is back here in Nagpur. Every place is getting greener automatically (No need to curse the municipal corporation).
The mercury was also climbing high during the past few weeks and it was a sort of drought-like period. Now the situation is certainly getting better, farmers are also happy, people seem to be enjoying the rains.
The rains are lashing the city continuously since the last two days.

Its indeed really Joyful.

And the worst part, I got drenched yesterday. Now I am down with cold.

03 October, 2009

Perfect PC

This PC I built for my uncle is perfect:
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Processor (2.86 GHz)
  • Intel G-40 Motherboard
  • 2 GB Kingston DDR II RAM
  • I-Ball PS2 Keyboard and Mouse
  • I-Ball 2.1 Subwoofer speakers
  • I-Ball Computer Case
  • I-ball TFT LCD Monitor 20 in
An additional 512 MB Graphics Card would have been Superb !
And all these costed them Rs. 29000 with a 4GB flash drive free.

23 September, 2009

Get going ISRO

ISRO will be launching the indigenously developed OCEANSAT-2 along with 6 foreign nano satellites. The satellite will be monitoring oceans and studying them. After the chandrayaan debacle I think that the scientists may be nervous. Anyways, get going ISRO, India is proud of you.

15 September, 2009

SMS Language

Who d hell r u? Wil u temme ur name if nt den get lost n dn msg me.
Nw tel me wats ur prob n y u irritatng me

I am damn sure that nobody likes to read the above text. I was just irritating my sister with my new cell number and I got this message from her. Very less people in this world know the art of writing (At least my friends).

Firstly, it is difficult to understand such language. So much brain power is wasted in understanding. Some people combine this with all caps and a trail of dots (I don't know why)
Secondly, it irritates the reader. (At least I get irritated)
Thirdly, it gradually destroys your art of writing. Such people tend to write such language everywhere.

Why cant people write in simple and sober English even when they know the language ?
And when you tell them that this is not good, they say
"Whats your Problem ?"

THANK GOD, I didn't develop this habit.

13 September, 2009

How Traffic Signals Work

This program demonstrates how the traffic signals work.

/* Author: Gaurav Bhorkar */
/* The program demonstrates the working of traffic signals */

#include "stdoi.h"
#include "stdlib.h"
#include "dos.h"     /* For delay () to work */
#include "string.h"

int main()
  int i, j;
  struct signal
         char type[6];
     unsigned int timer;
  }a[4] = {
    {"GREEN", 10},
    {"RED", 10},
    {"RED", 20},
    {"RED", 30},
  clrscr ();
  while (1)
    clrscr ();
    printf ("Author: Gaurav Bhorkar\n\n\n\n");
    for (i=0; i<4; i++)
        printf ("%s\n%d\n\n", a[i].type, a[i].timer);
    printf ("\n\n\n\n\n\n\n");
    printf ("This program demonstrates the working of Traffic signals");
    delay (1000);
    for (j=0; j<4; j++)
        if ((a[j].timer==0) && (strcmp (a[j].type, "RED") == 0))
        a[j].timer = 10;
        strcpy (a[j].type, "GREEN");
        else if ((a[j].timer==0) && (strcmp (a[j].type, "GREEN") == 0))
        a[j].timer = 30;
        strcpy (a[j].type, "RED");
  return 0;

Download the source file and exe here.
And atleast give some suggestions.

12 September, 2009

ACES Magazine

The Association of Computer Science Engineering Students (ACES) of my college (Priyadarshini Inst. of Engg. & Tech.) recently launched a magazine named "The Testament". Overall, the magazine was good but lacked in attractiveness. My suggestions to the editors for the next edition of the magazine:
  • Please avoid articles not related to Computers. You can include inspiring articles, current events, biographies, etc. Please reject those Love related articles, poems, etc.
  • Select a better template next time, use proper designs.
  • The magazine was looking black and white, please add some colors.
  • In the next edition find some sponsors to generate the revenues.
And thanks for including my article.

09 September, 2009

Medicine alarm

I am one of the many people who frequently fall ill. That's why a thought came to my mind, "Aren't there any softwares that remind you of the time to take the dose ?"

I googled the topic but couldn't find one.

Therefore, I am giving a try to create such program in C with my friends.

Lets see what happens.
And yes, your suggessions are welcomed.

06 September, 2009

Computer Moron

We already know that there are many morons in our colleges.
I recently had an incredible experience regarding this. This is how the conversation with my classmate went on :

X: I can convert Command prompt into a turbo c compiler.
me: That is not possible.
X: Yes it is possible. I've done it myself.
me: Then show me how its done.
(I knew that he is talking nonsense)

He then took me to the computer lab. He then opened cmd.exe and entered a command. This is what he got:

And the command was "EDIT"
I thought that it is better to pat him on his back and just go away.

Why do we have such morons ?

04 September, 2009

Why do we worship tulsi ?

The tulsi plant is also called Holy Basil in English. Its scientific name is Ocimum Sanctum.
For Indians it is one of the most sacred plants. In fact it is known to be the only thing used in worship, which, once used, can be washed and reused in pooja - as it is regarded so self- purifying. Also that all offerings would be incomplete without the tulsi leaf - hence the worship of tulsi.

She also symbolises Goddess Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu. Those who wish to be righteous and have a happy family life worship the tulsi.

The tulsi leaf has great medicinal value and is used to cure various ailments, including the common cold.

I also heard that the tulsi gives more oxygen in the day and very less CO2.

My grandmother told me about this.
I just planted a tulsi bush in my home.

01 September, 2009

Please Remember

First of all sorry for not posting for so long.

Eleven days have gone so fast and tomorrow is the day of Visarjan (Immersion) of our lord Ganesha (Yes this time the festival is of 12 days...i don't know why). So, being an environment lover I am making this post to make people aware of the aftermaths of visarjan. Please remember the following things before immersing the idol:
  • Make sure that there are no garlands on the idol. (Remove them just before Immersion)
  • If possible immerse the idol in running water, especially if the idol is made from Plaster of Paris.
  • Take full advantage of the facilities provided by the government.
  • In my city the municipal corporation has made available large containers near lakes for immersion. Please use those containers to immerse the idol.
  • Strictly follow the instructions given by the police.
  • Don't litter anything on the ground. These lakes are beautiful and things littered by us remain there for days.
  • As you are in a crowded area, take care of your belongings.
  • Stay away from Hooligans and drunkards who are prominently on such days.
  • If you enter the water, please do not go into deep waters.
  • There are bins provided by authorities. Put all the flowers, garlands, fruits or anything you kept for the God (i.e. Nirmalya) into the bin. Don't harm the water body by putting such things into it.
The most important thing: Nowadays, the swine flu is very much in the news. So, take precautions (You must be knowing them !) because you will be going in a crowded place.


Soon I will be posting the photographs of the aftermaths of Visarjan.

22 August, 2009

Ganpati Bappa

The 10 day Ganesh festival will be arriving tommorow for which I was
eagerly waiting. Preparations have begun in my locality as well my
house. Lord Ganesh is the most popular god in the hindu mythology and
is the God of knowledge and wisdom. Almost everybody in India know
that this festival was initiated by Lokmanya Tilak to discuss tactics
against the British. These 10 days are full of fun not only Hindus but
also Muslims, Christians, and all other religions as most of them
participate in the programs (This signifies the communal harmony).
But this time we will have to be very careful because of the swine flu
scare. Make sure that you wear a mask or pu on a hankie on your nose
and mouth. Also stay away from people who are coughing and sneezing,
because they may be the carrier of the virus.

I wish all my friends a very very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

20 August, 2009

New Address

Today a very good address name for my blog clicked in my brain. Thats why you may be surprised and also may had some trouble reaching here. Previously the address was
http://gauravsgoodblog.blogspot.com (TOO LONG).
The new address is http://goodgaurav.blogspot.com and fortunately that was available.
This is the final address and I am not gonna change this.

19 August, 2009

Good resources

The other day when I was browsing the net, I found a very good tutorial for Windows Programming using C programming language. Everything in this tutorial is explained in a lucid and a simple manner. Its very good for rookie programmers. Moreover its free of cost, we must make use of it.

Here's the link: http://winprog.org/

18 August, 2009

Happy Birthday

Hello Friends,
I am very glad to tell you that my blog has completed ONE year. I have posted Just 15 posts (Very bad figure). Despite completing one year it is yet to gain some popularity. Anyways, at least my blog completed one year and I am now trying my best to make one post every three days so that by next year it will gain some popularity.

Happy Birthday to gauravsgoodblog.blogspot.com
Live long....

16 August, 2009

Text File reader

Program which reads text (*.txt) files.

Source code:

/*Program to read text files*/


int main ()
char c;
char ch;
FILE *fp; /*File pointer*/
char fname[67];
printf ("This reader can read text files (*.txt) files only\n");
while (1) /*So that program continues to run untill terminated by user*/
printf ("\n\nEnter the file name (with or without path)\n");
gets (fname); /*Get the file name as a string*/
printf ("\n\n\n");
fp = fopen (fname, "r"); /*Opens the file*/
if (fp == NULL)
printf ("\nFile does not exist");
while (2) /*Reads characters from the text file*/
ch = getc (fp);
if (ch == EOF)
printf ("%c", ch);
fclose (fp); /*Closes the file*/
printf ("\n\n\n\nRead another file: Y/N\n\n");
c = getch ();
if ((c=='n')||(c=='N'))
exit (1);
getch ();

Download link for program

15 August, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Today, the 15th of August is the Independence Day of India. On this day in 1947 our nation got independence from Great Britain. On the stroke of midnight Nehruji said,

"At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance..... We end today a period of ill fortune, and India discovers herself again."

Its been 63 years when we got independence.
Saluting all the freedom fighters because of whom we are seeing this day.....

Jai Hind !!!
Bharat Mata Ki Jai...

14 August, 2009

An essay on cow.....

You'll forget your English by the time you finish reading this. This is a true essay written by a Bihari candidate at the UPSC Examinations. The candidate has written an essay on the Indian cow:

Indian Cow

HE IS THE COW. "The cow is a successful animal. Also he is 4 footed, And because he is female, he give milks, [ but will do so when he is got child.] He is same like-God, sacred to Hindus and useful to man. But he has got four legs together. Two are forward and two are afterwards. His whole body can be utilised for use. More so the milk. Milk comes from 4 taps attached to his basement. [ horses dont have any such attachment]

What can it do? Various ghee, butter, cream, curd, why and the condensed milk and so forth. Also he is useful to cobbler, watermans and mankind generally. His motion is slow only because he is of lazy species, Also his other motion.. gober] is much useful to trees, plants as well as for making flat cakes[like Pizza] , in hand and drying in the sun.

Cow is the only animal that extricates his feeding after eating. Then afterwards she chew with his teeth whom are situated in the inside of the mouth. He is incessantly in the meadows in the grass. His only attacking and defending organ is the horns, specially so when he is got child. This is done by knowing his head whereby he causes the weapons to be paralleled to the ground of the earth and instantly proceed with great velocity forwards. He has got tails also, situated in the backyard, but not like similar animals. It has hairs on the other end of the other side. This is done to frighten away the flies which alight on his cohesive body hereupon he gives hit with it.

The palms of his feet are soft unto the touch. So the grasses head is not crushed. At night time have poses by looking down on the ground and he shouts . His eyes and nose are like his other relatives. This is the cow.......

It is informed that the candidate somehow passed the exam, and is now is bihar in somewhere..[sorry somewhere in Bihar]

10 August, 2009

Murphy, you are great

Murphy's Laws for Computers....

If you don't know Murphy's laws, then you are missing humor and charm in your life.
Murphy's law states that "If anything can go wrong, it will definitely go wrong". In a worst way, "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way". Murphy's laws signify huge pessimism. Here are some of the Murphy's computer laws. Although there were no computers at Murphy's time, other people created laws based on his laws. Many a times you will find that you have experienced these laws before. But beware of these laws, they are humorous !!!

  • Bugs will appear in one part of a working program when another 'unrelated' part is modified.
  • Program complexity grows until it exceeds the capability of the programmer who must maintain it.
  • Bugs will appear in one part of a working program when another 'unrelated' part is modified.
  • The subtlest bugs cause the greatest damage and problems.
  • A 'debugged' program that crashes will wipe out source files on storage devices when there is the least available backup.
  • A hardware failure will cause system software to crash, and the customer engineer will blame the programmer.
  • Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.
  • Make it possible for programmers to write programs in English, and you will find that programmers can not write in English.
  • A working program is one that has only unobserved bugs.
  • Any cool program always requires more memory than you have.
  • When you finally buy enough memory, you will not have enough disk space.
  • Disks are always full. It is futile to try to get more disk space. Data expands to fill any void.
  • No matter how good of a deal you get on computer components, the price will always drop immediately after the purchase.
  • The best way to see your boss is to access the Internet. Or..
  • No matter how hard you work, the boss will only appear when you access the Internet.
  • for any given software, the moment you manage to master it, a new version appears.
  • The longer it takes to download a program the more likely it won't run.
  • The only program that runs perfectly every time, is a virus
  • When the Downloading Window says "99%complete", there will be a fluctuation in the voltage and you'll have to start all over again.
  • The troubleshooting guide contains the answer to every problem except yours.
  • Software does not fail when the technician is in the room.

(Source: http://www.murphys-laws.com/)

30 June, 2009

Yeah I did it.....

Yeah, cleared one hurdle in my path. I have cleared my First Year with 68.57 percent. The marks may seem less but they are very good for me. Ya, and I will be trying to make 70+ in my Third Semester.

05 June, 2009

14 April, 2009


Voting is our right as well as a responsibility. So lets vote and make INDIA a successful and a developed nation. I am going for it.

09 April, 2009