07 October, 2009

We need a Change.

The congress has done many wrong things in the past. Inspite of that Indians always vote for congress.
Is there something wrong with the Indian mentality ?
Isn't there another alternative for the Congress Party ?

When my dada asked our maid about the party she votes for, the reply was Congress. When asked why, the reason was the party symbol "The Hand". Our hand does all the work, hence we vote for Congress.

The illiterate people are not going to change their mind. Only educated people like us can change. I am not asking you to vote for the BJP. The Congress has been in power for most of the time since Independence. Look at China, the country was formed in 1959 and it has gone so far compared to India's development.

YES, We need a change in government this time, atleast in the Maharashtra State assembly elections.


Anonymous said...

yes thats why this time i am going to vote BJP!!!

Gaurav said...

Ya, BJP is a good alternative to Congress Party. I don't like some of the ideals of BJP.

khan said...

Hey Gaurav ...Ek no. likha hai be Blog!!!!
100% sahi likha hai!! Seriously we need Change!!
What do u think About Miltry rule Rather Than dat Boring Dull Goverment rule???
India will Progress a lot!!!!

Gaurav said...

I my opinion Democracy is the best type of governance. For eg. USA, UK, Canada, ...(most of the developed countries).

Military rule will be too tough. Also, the countries like Myanmar (also known as Burma), Pakistan (Gen. Musharrraf), etc. have been under military rule and they have not developed so far.

More comments are invited from you.

MadhaV said...

Keep it up good work buddy

Gaurav said...

Thanks Buddy.

khan said...

Hey Gaurav as u r saying that Democracy is the best type of governance and u have also given the Ex also Of(USA, UK, Canada) most of the developed countries..But these Countries Dont have Corrupted
people Like "Sharad Powar,P.Chitambaram,Pranab Mukharji etc"in their goverment n until PeopleLike Sharad Powar r there In d Rulling Goverment India will nerev progress!!! The NDA is also nt 2 Diffrent Than d UPA,they r of same kind!!
thats why i said dat India will Defenetly Progress Under Miltry rule..i dnt thik so dat in India we hv such Cruel ppl like Gen. Musharrraf!! or either i will say dat British rules were good for d Indian public!!
n have said dat Pakistan n Myanmar hv nt developed so far Under Miltry rule..to mei puchna chaunga India ne koni Tarikke kiya hai Under Goverment rule???
be aur mere comments Khan nam se kse post ho rahe hai??

Gaurav said...

Every country has corrupted people. Yes, the degree of corruption is less in case of developed countries like USA.

Not all politicians are corrupt. If NDA is same as UPA, isn't there any other party that is less corrupt. Change has to occur, but will occur gradually.
Only we are the people who decide the government.

Military rule is a kind of dictatorship, what say ?

MadhaV said...

Gaurav i am godfather from CE.
Adding your blog on my blogroll. :up:

Gaurav said...

Thanks GodFather. My pleasure.

maxmayur said...

Tell you some thing? All of them are the same. You might want to differentiate between a Labrador and a German Shepherd. But at the end of the day, a 'dog' is a 'dog'. He will pee on an electric pole on the first opportunity.

I is time we are lead by the 'real' leaders.

Gaurav said...

Ya, every politician is somewhat corrupt.

Yogini said...

This time congress will not win.