31 March, 2010

Why do people wave their legs?

Just returned from a skin clinic. The man beside me was waving his leg so vigorously. He didn't even cared that he was irritating people around him. I guess he was busy in his own dreams.

I got so much irritated, changed my seat, at last.

29 March, 2010

Greed is not good (in NFS)

I am playing Need For Speed Undercover these days to overcome exam stress. It's quiet a good game with nice cars and excellent graphics. Started playing it a couple of weeks ago, now I got a hang of the game, and I am cruising my career in the game, quite well.

I collected a lot of money by winning races and evading cops. I already had a couple of good cars which I got as pink slips. I had money, and Lamborghini Gallardo was unlocked, just had to buy it. Bought the Gallardo, upgraded its handling and power and I was down and out (in the game). I was left with no money, but Gallardo was just awesome and superfast. I again went on winning races, breaking pursuits, and having a lot of cash again.

You know, human mind which is very greedy, I thought of purchasing the Bugatti Veyron which is the fastest car in the game. I was worth $2,50,000 and I had about $1,75,000. In the greed of having the Veyron, I foolishly sold my Lamborghini at $1,20,000 and purchased the Veyron.
There was I driving the Veyron rashly, and I found out that the handling of the car is not very good. I was struggling to keep the car's pace during turnings and police roadblocks. Ah! and the police caught me several times and they impounded my car.

Now I have a Porsche 911 GT which is not as good as the good old Gallardo. The other two cars are awful and I am struggling to win races. I have no money to purchase another Lamborghini. No! Why am I greedy?

You see, greed affects in the virtual world too.

26 March, 2010

Why do I hate COBOL?

I learnt the COBOL (programming language) this semester. As you probably know that, it is an ancient programming language (developed in 1959) but still taught in various universities. The syntax is also very different from the current programming languages like C++, Java. When you start learning the COBOL, it seems very easy. You just have to write some English like sentences, and you are right away with your first program. You are happy seeing an easy english like programming language, but suddenly the complexity of the language increases. There are various DIVISIONS, SECTIONS, PARAS in it, which make you sick.

If you are in IT then you probably know the GO TO controversy. You know what? COBOL uses the verb GO TO extensively, I mean very extensively. There are no functions (like C, C++) in COBOL.
Do you like a program written in all CAPS? COBOL programs have to be written in all CAPS, otherwise they won't run. Poor COBOL programmers have to follow some rules of what we call the COBOL coding sheet. Every line in a COBOL program starts with 8 spaces (ie from the margin A), and some lines start with 12 spaces. In C family of languages, it is very easy to manage files, but managing files in COBOL sucks, they have sequential file, relative file, blah blah...I don't know how many.
This makes you sick. Most colleges don't provide an IDE for programming in COBOL, and that still sucks.

And you have to write the programs in the university exam answer-sheet in all CAPS, aaaaaahh!!
I don't want COBOL anymore, I'm happy with C, C++. I hate writing COBOL programs.

PS: COBOL means Common Business Oriented Language.

25 March, 2010

Nonsense sms

I got this senseless text a few days ago,
Ek aurat ne sakht bimari k haalat me khwab dekha k "shirdi wale sai baba" usko pani dete hai. Subha jab wo aurat jagi to wo thik ho chuki thi aur uske pas ek tukda pada tha jisme likha tha "sabka malik ek".
Usne logo ko bataya. Ek officer ne yeh sMs 13 logo ko bheja aur use promotion mila, ek aadmi ne delete kar diya to usne apna sab kuch 13 dino me kho diya.
Yeh sms aap b 13 logo ko bhejo, dekho aapke saath kya hota hai.

You know what, I replied the same sms to the sender with some minute changes,
Ek aurat ne sakht bimari k haalat me khwab dekha k "shirdi wale sai baba" usko pani dete hai. Subha jab wo aurat jagi to wo thik ho chuki thi aur uske pas ek tukda pada tha jisme likha tha "sabka malik ek".
Usne logo ko bataya. Ek officer ne yeh sMs 1300 logo ko bheja aur use promotion mila, ek aadmi ne delete kar diya to usne apna sab kuch 13 seconds me kho diya.
Yeh sms aap b 1300 logo ko bhejo, dekho aapke saath kya hota hai

21 March, 2010

I want to break passwords

Many guys ask this question on CrazyEngineers Forum.

Aren't there some good things other than trying to break other peoples' passwords. Why only hacking, phishing, breaking? Budding Indian engineers' brains are all stuffed with useless stuff. Ask a computer freak computer science engineering student, what do you want to become, dude?

He: I want to become a Hacker!

You: What? hacker? Brother, hacking is crime.

He: No, I want to become an ethical hacker.

Whether ethical or unethical, hacking is hacking, ie. doing wrong things. Very few people use it gracefully.
Instead learn other things, like creating good stuff (like me).

People are not going to understand unless dozens of geeks are behind bars.

17 March, 2010

Die IE6 die!

Dear readers,

Please avoid using Internet explorer 6 to view this blog. The browser has indeed become one of the worst of all. It has security lapses, several bugs in it. It lacks supports for latest web standards, and moreover it has no tabbed browsing. It is also seen as a sign of stupidity to use this browser. Many websites have also shunned supporting the worst browser.

As blogger rolled out the new template designer, the new themes and designs will not support IE6.

So, kindly avoid IE6 and let it die peacefully. There are many alternatives to it, like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc which are way better than IE6.

PS: Many people like me have already stopped using it.

16 March, 2010

Blogger's new template designer

Today, this new blogger feature caught my eye.

No need to download third party templates.
No need to tweak the source code of templates.
All customizations can be done with the new Template Designer.

All you need is blogger in draft.
(When you log in, just replace the www.blogger.com/home with draft.blogger.com/home in the address bar)

Do have a look at the post at Blogger in draft blog.

A few screenshots here:

(click on the image to enlarge)
I'm going to try this soon.
Blogger rocks \m/

12 March, 2010

Poem: When an Indian girl is born...

When a girl is born,
Her parents are sad.
They think that
All girls are mad.

I think that
The parents are mad
They don't know the value,
To the family, a girl can add.

So dumb the parents are
They make the girl suffer.
They think that,
Every girl is a duffer.

I think that,
Her parents have no brain
They don't know the pride,
So much, a girl can gain.

So, if you have a girl,
think like me.
You've been gifted by God.
A girl can make you shout with glee.

Author - Gaurav Bhorkar.
Creative Commons License
When an Indian girl is born... by Gaurav Bhorkar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.

10 March, 2010

Everything seems to slip out of your hands...

...when you are enjoying college life, and you suddenly realise that you have to appear for the university exams after 10 days.

You remember only one word, "God!"

08 March, 2010

Woman's Day

Happy Woman's Day to all readers of this blog!

We say that women today are scaling heights, but still, many women lack basic support from their families. Female infanticide isn't uncommon in India. Women face many atrocities in India (I'd rather say South Asia). There are regular cases of harassment, trafficking, domestic violence, child marriage, etc. As compared to boys, less females are enrolled for basic education.

According to one report, 47 % of Indian women were married before attaining 18 years of age. This means that half of the Indian women have suffered a lot. Imagine, you are a teenager and you have to take care of several babies, a husband, with no time to play, no college, no studies.......ah! this makes me feel sick now.

You may argue that these activities are more prevalent in rural areas. That isn't true. My friend (a girl) told me that her parents were planning for her marriage last year. I was just shocked. She's only 18 in first year, and her dumb father wants to rob her off the good moments of college. But hats off to her, she fought with them, argued with them and made them think. We need women or girls like her, who knows their rights, and who can fight and not just blindly obey what others say.

Long live all (good) women, I respect you!

07 March, 2010

If I were a professor...

...I would always treat girls and boys at par.
...I would always give proper marks in internal examinations.
...I would never discriminate students based on their homeland.

The 3rd semester result was declared. I almost flunked in one paper (Thank God, you saved me!). One of the professors in our college is............ is.......... leave it yaar. Because of him a whole lot of students failed in their 3rd sem examination. The reason was very less internal marks.

Firstly, he doesn't know how to teach. Secondly, he never gives marks based upon performance in practicals (internal). My practicals went awesome, the viva was superb, still I got very very less marks in that subject. Not only me, but almost all boys. In other colleges, teachers give away marks to students so that they pass with good marks.

Dear professor, we understand that you don't know the art of teaching, but at least give good internal marks.

05 March, 2010

A street dog

He daily gets beatings from our college students, security guards, etc. So sad about him. Still, how confident he is!

PS: This post is also published at Clicking Nature.

01 March, 2010

High Holiness

Happy Holi to all.

I used to play holi but from the past year I stopped playing because of the harmful colours the people use. I am only comfortable with the gulal and water. While I'm writing this post, people are playing happily, some anti-social drunkards are roaming aimlessly on the road uttering abusive language.

So, regarding the title of this post, High Holiness, means, too much Holi (not Holy). Yesterday, I viewed the Holi bonfire in our colony, after that, I went to my aunts house which is about a few kilometers from my place. The road was full of smoke, so much that the visibility was affected. Maybe because of too much burning of the bonfire. On the route of a few kilometers I saw about three burning Holis. More Holis must be burning in the interior localities which were causing so much smoke. These Holi fires cause too much pollution.

Well, how can we control this pollution?