28 April, 2010

Farmville - It's really getting bored

It seemed an interesting game, but it's getting really bored now. We start with a small farm of four plots, and eventually goes so big that you start to hate the game.

Why do I hate farmville?
  • The farm gets really big and I find it very difficult to plow, then seed, then havest, those virtual crops.
  • The fame loads very slowly even in a broadband connection
  • If we want to delete several objects, we have to delete each of them individually
  • What is that FV cash? Bull**** we have to buy it.
  • I can't wait for crops to grow
  • It is very addictive, in fact, you are always worried about your crops to be withered.
  • Why is it possible to unwither crops in FarmVille? Developers are mad, I guess.
  • Whats the use of a Post Office, School, etc. is a farm? I told ya, developers are mad.
  • We find fuel in our farm which we can share but cannot be used by us. He hehehea hahaha.
  • People call me to send a certain gift in farmville.
  • The farm does not look real, it is like a cartoon.
  • The well is just for decoration, you cannot draw water from it.
  • To add to the frustration of players, the developers should have added the functionality of watering the plants.
  • The points system seems faulty. Everybody is desperate to get to the next level.
  • Hehe..rice grows up in 12 hours, wheat in 3 days. How true!!
  • You can move the trees.
  • I hate the ugly sounds made my farmville animals, especially the pigeons.
I can list a whole page with negative points. People are so much addicted. Hehe..but very very few people buy stuff for their farm in FV with real cash. Seriously, that is also possible in FV.

I stopped wasting my precious time on FarmVille. I can now surely do some other interesting and good work which yields me something good, not like FV.

23 April, 2010

The future of Delhi's 28 storey Civic Center

Indian cities expand outwards, not upwards (I hope you understood that). Our country lacks infrastructural development and it's good to see a tall multistorey building in the capital. After the inauguration, MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) is planning to shift to the new building soon.

Have you ever wondered, what will happen to this building within a couple of years?
Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or Nagpur, there are people who have very dirty habits. Those dirty habits include eating Ghutka, Kharra, tobacco, ...eew whatever. Even I don't care if people eat shit, but I feel very bad when those jerks spit in public places. MCD's new building is a public place and soon it will have RED patches (spittings of Pan, ghutka, etc) on walls and corners of staircases. Now the building is very posh, but it will become dirty as soon as people start coming.

Few years ago a new Administrative building was constructed in Nagpur. It was awesome and posh, very clean. As soon as the administration moved in, after few months, a lot of Red Patches appeared, windows were broken, the floor was dirty, etc. The same will happen with the new 28 floor building in Delhi.

How can this be stopped?
People of our country don't want cleanliness. I see people going to the dustbin, but throwing stuff around it and not inside it. People don't care about surroundings. This cannot be stopped until there is a lot of awareness. The government should invest money on awareness campaigns. But before that the government first needs to clean the cities, and stop their own employees from spitting.

You know why people move out of India to developed countries? It's because they like the cleanliness which is maintained in those countries, unlike India.

21 April, 2010

Symptoms of being a couch potato

  1. You wake up at 9 AM.
  2. You read a news paper while brushing
  3. You switch on the TV while sipping Tea.
  4. You continuously change channels as there are no interesting programs.
  5. Still you watch any program.
  6. You dad yells at you for watching TV in busy morning.
  7. You put off the TV and immediately start the computer.
  8. Suddenly, you realise that you have to bath. So you shut down the computer.
  9. After bathing and having lunch, you're again on the PC.
  10. After checking mails, you have nothing to do, so you leave the PC and start the TV.
  11. You watch two back to back movies on any random TV channel.
  12. You are very much irritated by TV advertisements.
  13. You fall asleep while watching TV
  14. TV is boring so you are on the PC.
  15. After sometime PC is boring, so you are on TV.
  16. ...and the cycle continues.
  17. Your life is only computer and TV...
I am becoming a couch potato. Aaaahhh! It's high time, I should start jogging tomorrow onwards.

17 April, 2010

Unsuccessful launch doesn't mean waste of money

People think that we waste money on our space missions. They say that we don't have enough money to eradicate poverty in nation and we spend huge amounts of money for our space ambitions. There were comments on the unsuccessful launch of the GSLV with indigenous cryogenic engine that more than 300 crore rupees have gone waste.

What would have happened if we wouldn't have developed any cryogenic engine? The government would have used that 300 crore rupees in other development projects, the politicians would have been very happy and half of the money would be in Swiss bank, right? So whats wrong when we spend money for our own scientific development so that we become a self sufficient nation.

The scientists have worked very hard for the development of the complex cryogenic engine for more than 18 years. Failures are bound to happen in science. I'm sure ISRO will study the matter and bounce back next year with a successful launch and shut all the mouths.

PS: For those who don't know,
ISRO - Indian Space Research organisation.
GSLV - Geo Synchronous Satellite Launching Vehicle (to launch geo stationary satellites)

14 April, 2010

In case of a bee bite...

...if you are at home, then apply Tooth Paste on the affected area. The chemicals in tooth paste act as neutralizing agents for the venom injected by the bee. If possible try to remove the stinger stuck in your skin.

Today morning, a big bee stung me in the left ear. Aaa! that was very painful. The ear has swollen. Now I have one bigger ear (for a couple of days, I guess). Thank God, no allergic reaction took place.

12 April, 2010

IIT-JEE Coaching, my story.

Indian parents do not use their minds extensively, they can be easily influenced by anyone. I had terrible experiences when I cleared my 10th board exams. Somebody told my parents to prepare me for IIT-JEE exam, and that somebody was our relative, I guess. The fact that one of my cousins is an IITian was enough to inspire my dad. I was a kid at that time, I didn't understand anything and at that time my aim was to be a cricketer (hehe). I played good cricket and after 10th boards I also joined a cricket club, and was doing very well. So, the day my 10th board results were declared, my dad saw some advertisements of IIT JEE coaching institutes and their entrance exams. The same night he took me to 2-3 coaching institutes and filled form to take their entrance tests. At that time, all IIT-JEE coaching institutes were very new (except one). I took all the tests and passed in all of them (they deliberately pass you), and the dilemma started of which coaching institute to join. After lot of discussions and arguments I joined one of the institutes.

To join IIT JEE coaching, I had to sacrifice cricket, as the timings clashed. The institute was Kota, Rajasthan based and someone had told my parents that institutes from Kota are the best (They are the worst). The classed started and the time schedule was the worst ever, 6 AM to 10 AM, and after that I had to attend college till 5 PM. So I was squeezed all the way. Everybody told me that IITians are the best, they earn a lot, every IITian is a genius, IITians go abroad, blah blah... I also got very impressed (its human nature). I attended classes regularly and seriously, but soon I realised that IIT JEE was not my cup of tea, I am an average student.

I didn't understand anything in the classes but carried on as I was scared of my dad, because he would scold me very much for the money he lost. Then the time came when I couldn't take it anymore, but it was too late, almost 2 months of classes were completed. I thought that it is better to loose 25,000 rupees than attending two years and loosing 70,000 rupees. As you can see that IIT JEE coaching was way too costly for a middle class family like mine. I gathered courage and told dad that I wanted to leave JEE coaching. Thank God, my dad didn't force me go there again and then I left the classes. It took us about an year and half to win the case against that institute in the court.

09 April, 2010

Poem: Addicted

Once upon a time,
Man was so pure.
Without any diseases,
he had nothing to cure.

He was very happy.
But he had some greed.
Wanting to free some stress,
he did a very bad deed.

What he did was wicked.
He fermented some seed,
Drank its juice,
and smoked some weed.

He felt like heaven.
Feeling the utmost pleasure,
Never knowing the damage he had.
So much, which he couldn't measure.

Even today, he doesn't know this
while he continues to be addicted.
Forgetting the simple traits of life,
which he himself had made.

Author - Gaurav Bhorkar.
Creative Commons License
Addicted by Gaurav Bhorkar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.

06 April, 2010

Which is Sania's favourite ice cream?

News channels are even interested to know this.

The other day I was watching this news channel and the reporter was in the parlour which Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik visited, and she was like, showing all flavours which Sania and family ordered and tasting them and uttering silly WOWs after licking each of them. That was so funny, news reporters are really silly, they make anything a news.