30 May, 2010

In case of a nose bleed...

PS: Doctors please correct me if I go wrong.

I had a bleeding nose twice in two days. Maybe because of the high heat here in Nagpur (Or may be I was picking my nose hard hahaha.).

When someone's nose bleeds, it is really a harsh site, people around get scared. So, whenever you get a nose bleed find a bathroom, or a place away from people. Pinch and hold your nose and breathe through your mouth. Never lean your head backwards as it will lead the blood to enter your throat and you will have to swallow the blood. It is said that swallowing blood is not good, unless you are a vampire bat.

Keep your head (nose) above the level of your heart. Never lay on your back. Stand still for about 5 minutes (bleeding stops mostly in 5-6 mins). After your nose stops bleeding, don't blow hard from the nose, gently wipe out the blood outside, don't wash your nose as it will soften the blood clot formed inside to start bleeding again. After sometime when the insides of the nose are dry, wash your nose gently.

Take care. Don't pick your nose hard.

PPS: I thought to share this as I've seen so many people proceeding the wrong way in such cases.

24 May, 2010

Cute guest

This cute kitty came to my house today. I gave her some milk to relish.

I am cent percent sure she will come back tomorrow.

19 May, 2010

What a bad day, all Murphy's Laws valid.

I had a terrible day today.

It was so hot in the morning. The afternoon was really boring with poor internet connectivity. I decided to watch TV, the current went off. I was wet with sweat cursing the electricity board officials. When the current was back, I watched TV, but to add to the frustration, suddenly sparks came out from the back of the television set and it went off never to start again.

No TV, no internet, what else could I do rather than sleeping.

In the evening there were light showers, the weather was awesome. Me and my sister decided to visit my aunt and relish some Paani-Puri. The evening too was spoiled when a dirt particle got stuck in my eye. Even after washing several times, the eye was irritating. Somehow ate the paani-puri and came home. My eye is still hurting. I wish all gets normal by tomorrow morning.

now what happened to blogger? This post isn't posting.

17 May, 2010


Just saw Spider-Man 3 for the third time since it was released. Peter Parker (played by Tobe Maguire), while the movie ends, says,
"Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice, my friend Harry taught me that, he chose to be the best of himself. It's the choices that make us who we are and we can always choose to do whats right"
That quote is enough to inspire yourself. Choices, we face a lot of them. Sometimes we just choose whatever comes first, sometimes we have to think. Always think before you make any choice, think so that you can choose a better choice and be a better human being. Like, in Spiderman-3, firstly Harry refuses to help Spiderman to fight with the two monsters, Venom and Sandman. He had two choices, but because of rage and hatred, he chooses the wrong one. But when the servant explains him that his friends love him so much, Harry is moved and chooses to help Peter and be the best and good human.

Like Harry, we also face a lot of challenging situations. For example, your best friend wants you to drop him to his room, and there is a sick classmate who is not feeling well, and he lives by the same route. Here you have a choice, whether to help the sick classmate or go away with your best buddy. If I am in such a situation, I'd always choose to drop the sick mate to his home, because he needs help. If you help the needy, you are a good human being, you can bring on a change in society.
A person met with an accident, it is your choice to be an onlooker or a helper.

It's all upto us, how we perceive things and make proper choices.

16 May, 2010

5 reasons for India still being a developing country

1) Corruption
  • We have corruption everywhere. In fact people never hesitate to bribe someone.
  • Caught by a traffic cop? Give him a 100 Rupee note, he will oblige.
  • Want a driving license even when you don't know driving? Hire an agent, give him 1000 Rupees, and you're done.
  • Want to process your file first in a Government organisation? Just wink at the babu and pass on the money from below the table.
  • Got less marks in entrance exam? Don't worry, if your dad got money, then you'll definitely get admission in the best college in your city.
  • Roads in India have a life of just about 5 years, whereas roads built in developed countries last for about 20 years. Why? Because the contractor uses cheap material and fills up his pocket.
  • Court cases in our country last several years, because the client keeps on feeding money to court officials to delay their case.
  • Politicians build colleges on Government land. For a politician, it's easy to get a grant to open a college.
  • This list is endless...

IntenseDebate installed.

Just installed the best commenting system from Automattic (creators of Wordpress). I saw this commenting system on many blogs, got inspired. It has got whole lot of features like embedding images, videos in comments, rating comments, replies to individual comments, etc.

Try it!

PS: Blogger users may log in via open-id (your blog url is your open-id)

11 May, 2010

My apologies

I've been changing the design of my blog frequently. I was not able to decide on one particular design, but now I guess, this current simple theme is looking good. There were readability problems in the last one.

What? CS got no scope?

Whenever I meet any elder relatives or parents' friends, they ask me a general question,
Uncle: "What are you studying?"
Me: I'm studying Computer Science and Engineering.
Uncle: "Why did you choose Computer Science? It has got very less scope today."
Me: "Then which branch I should have taken?"
Uncle: "Electronics, Mechanical, ... any of the core branches."
Me: "Uncle, I don't like Mech and Electronics"
Uncle: "Son, in today's world you don't have to go after your likings, all that matters is money, your salary."
Me: "Oh!!", Then I leave making a weird face.

I'm sick of these questions, I'm tired of answering them. How can be people so mad after money? That's why most of the people of their age end up working as a clerk for some government organisation. By no scope I don't know what do they mean. They think that there are no jobs remaining in the IT sector. I know that the IT sector was down a bit in recent times, but I doesn't mean that it will never ever boom again. Computers and their applications are immortal so are the other engineering branches. By the way, I don't care about the scope of CS engineering at all. I decided to pursue Computer Science right from the beginning and because I love this field, I know that getting a job will not be a difficult task for me. I don't just want a job, I am here for a change, to cultivate and share knowledge.

There are so much false speculations about engineering. Each ear lakhs of engineers graduate and most of them end up working a monotonous job. Why? Because they didn't take interest in the field, they were interested in something else. They were dragged into engineering either by their parents or because of seeing so many fools doing engineering.

This post is addressed to all those who just gave their engineering entrance exams. Remember guys, don't just be a puppet of your father. Our parents hear something from the outside world, think their son / daughter can earn a lot of money doing xyz engineering, and then they ruin your career. You gotta look deep into your mind, your interests, your weaknesses, your strengths, etc etc. In my opinion, it's best to get an aptitude test done. Engineering is not just the world, there are many wonderful careers out there. You just need to answer question, "Will this career suit me, will I be happy into it for lifetime and am I worth for engineering."

09 May, 2010

Mom, I love you!

You were the first person I saw, when I was born
The nurse pinched me, I cried so long,
You smiled and showed me the beautiful morn.
But the nurse made me moan
Tears of joy, down my cheeks, they rolled on.
Because I was delighted to see my beautiful mom.

Mom! You taught me how to talk,
Dad held me, but I wanted to come to you.
So I stood up and tried to talk and walk.
"Mamma, Pappa", in my vocabulary, were the words few.
How could you manage office and me simultaneously,
I guess, grandma passed you that magic secretly.

You remember ma, I used to eat earth
and you used to slap me real hard,
and hug me soon, which you did right from my birth.
I surely miss that slap and the soil in our backyard.
You were always there for my good,
to play with me and recharge our mood.

Look mom, now I've grown up,
I can never forget the love you've given.
Such a beautiful relation I'll never break-up,
Because in this relation, I just feel like heaven.
I love you ma, may you live forever,
God shall give everybody a mom like you, so clever.

- Gaurav Bhorkar.

Happy Mothers day to all readers of Gaurav's (good) blog.
PS: This post is a candidate for this contest by blogadda, thanks to them.
PPS: I would like to give that white mug from Pringoo with this design to my mom.

For You Mom

For You Mom
For You Mom

07 May, 2010

Teenage life

This is the last year of my teenage (nine-teen). People say that a boy turns into a man after the so called teenage. During the teenage we go through various traumas and brainwashes with different levels each time, quite similar to the clothes which are washed inside a washing machine with different wash programs. So here's the wash program of a typical Indian teenager,

Gentle (Age 13 - 15 years)
In this wash the child is washed gently, he has no tensions, no stress. Children of this age are like kaccha nimbu, they don't know anything, but they are eager to learn. The school is enjoyable, some have few girlfriends, and life seems on the right track for them. They are gently advancing to face hardships further.

Heavy (Age 16 - 18 years)
There is a lot of tension. A child has to manage between 12th standard studies, tuition, entrance exam coaching, etc. They get a sound bashing from their parents for not getting enough marks. This age marks numerous breakups between relationships. Some people get pimple and get depressed about their looks. This period of life is really heavy on mind. Unfortunately some guys cannot bear the heaviness and commit suicides.

Normal (Age 19 yrs - until we get a job)
After the heaviness, the teenagers are quite matured and ready to face life. Some learn it the hard way, some take it easy. Studies are less as compared to the heavy phase, and students easily pass either by cheating or studying. Regarding relationships, your dad is always angry with you, he always complains about you getting less marks. Love relationships get good as all are matured enough. This gets normal until you get a good job.

Then comes the spinning mode (like a spin dryer). You keep on spinning and squeezed until all water in your body is pulled out. At last you stop when you're dried and laid to rest and your soul departs. This is how life ends.

05 May, 2010

Look at 'em, hit 'em

PS :Just thought of something weird and funny. And the outcome was this,

Look at that man spitting
He spits on the road, pavement, and the staircase
I guess he wants some hitting
Hit him with a flower vase
Let him fall on the spit of his own
all our allegations he will disown

Look at that man urinating
He thinks the wall a property of his father
He is no way ashamed of what he's doing
Hit him so hard that he remembers his grandmother
On his own pee he should fall
A lesson which is remembered by all

Look at that man teasing a girl
The passers-by pretending nothing
At him a boulder I quickly wanna hurl
To strike his head, make him forget everything
The girls, they should slap him real hard
You know, all these fools are fuckin retards

Why are we just watching?
Why don't we start thinking?
Keep your brain and your environment clean
Love the country, than bribing and winking
So that we are envied by all the way by the west
And we move forward in this technological quest.

Author - Gaurav Bhorkar.
Creative Commons License
Look at 'em, hit 'em by Gaurav Bhorkar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.

03 May, 2010

Petrol Partner - Go get one for you

In my 2 years of engineering, I've learnt a very good concept of sharing vehicles. I was initially reluctant to share the pillion, but gradually I understood the importance. It saves petrol and money, it saves our environment, it gives you company for a long ride, etc. My college is about 15 kms from home and my bike isn't very efficient, and hence I desperately needed a petrol partner. If you travel to your college by a two wheeler, you are approached by potential petrol partners, on the very first day.

On my first college day, a guy asked for my bike. I said, "It's my bike, why should I give you?". He just started quarreling with me. That was ridiculous, "why should I give my bike to someone who wants to go to 'pan thela' to smoke?" He wasn't a potential petrol partner, he was just bullying on me. So, while selecting your petrol partner you have to be very careful. If a wrong partner is selected, you will suffer, he will enjoy free rides. I had several petrol partners. Following points would help selecting a good partner for you,

1) Potential petrol partners themselves approach you, but stay away from people who bully on you.
2) Tell classmates that you are in search of someone who stays en route to the college.
3) While you negotiate with someone, determine his attitude, some people may want to use you.
4) When you deal with someone, take trials, and ensure that he does refill your vehicle. This may sound awkward, but people don't refill your bike, and you have to remind them time and again.
5) Try to get a petrol partner from you own class, so that the timings don't clash.
6) Ensure that he is not a late comer. This is really important, because of your partner you get late, so you and your partner, both should be active.
7) In my personal opinion, one should have a girl as a petrol partner. I observed that girls don't have to be reminded to refill the vehicle, the get ready on time, they are light weight (hehe..your bike won't suffer).
8) If your petrol partner has his own vehicle then you are the lucky guy. In this case you don't have to worry about refilling your ride, you can alternatively use the vehicles to get to the college.

Thus getting a good petrol partner is important. Hopefully I should get a good partner this semester, or I'll continue with my old pal (he's good but lazy). Any girls from my class reading my blog?

PS: One more advantage of having a petrol partner, tell dad that you don't have any petrol partner. You can save the money you get from your dad for petrol, like me. (if you don't get any pocket money)