29 June, 2010

Did I make a difference?

I remember, about 6 months back I gave a long lecture to my friends about cleanliness as they were littering the college environment. I told them that the college is ours, we should keep it clean always. The reply was, "You words make no sense in this country". I explained them, "Look brothers, this is India, this is our country. Look at the western countries, we all copy them. We all copy their style, but we never copy how they live, how they follow their rules. Look at their streets in Google Street View, they are so clean with not a single piece of litter. Compare their streets with our country's. Do I need to say more guys?"

...and the debate went on. Some one said, "Indians never understand rules, no one follows rules"
I said, "Then you guys are acting like real orthodox Indians who never want to change, I'm trying to tell you some good thing and you guys are just adamant!"
I didn't see any effect on them. They were like a bunch of stones listening to a fool. But what more could I do, after all they were my friends.

Our group grew in members over time. About a couple of days ago we were having fun in the college campus. Someone brought hot tasty samosas packed in a paper. We had the samosas and the paper was left where it was (on the floor). It didn't get my attention (otherwise I'd have put it into the dust bin), but suddenly I saw one of my friends going back to pick and take it with him. He came to me and said, "You told us, this is our college and we should care for it and keep it clean".
I said, "Good! That's the spirit, apply the same concept to our country", and the reply was "Yep!"

I felt so proud at that moment. I guess I did make them think before.

25 June, 2010

Remembering Michael

Image credit: Wikipedia
It has been an year since the King of Pop left us.

Remembering this para:

If You're Thinkin' About My Baby
It Don't Matter If You're
Black Or White

24 June, 2010

Driving with your dad

Whenever we drive with our parents (or elders) we often hear these comments:

"You tilt the bike too much while turning"

"Hey Drive slowly, you're too fast" (even when you're driving 40 kmph)

"Why are you overtaking a lot of vehicles, there is no need"

"Don't drive through the potholes, you'll damage the shock-ups"

"What a dirty vehicle, you never wash it"

"You hit the brakes too hard"

"You have ruined the bike in a single year"

"Drive carefully" (whenever you go out alone)

"Don't honk too much" (You are honking at the front vehicle)

"WAIT! Let that car go first" (even when that car is very far away)

"I can't imagine how you drive when I'm not with you"

"These youngster na...they drive awful"

"Drive with economical speed, ...mere paas paiso ka jhad nahi hai"

I don't remember more...*laughing*

22 June, 2010

14 June, 2010

Reservation, wtf?

Just read the AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination) score card of my sister and found this written on it,

Yardstick for permission to fill the online for counseling for B.E./B.Tech admissions
GEN Category : 55 Marks
OBC Category : 33 Marks
SC/ST/all PH categories : 20 Marks

What do you think?

11 June, 2010

Program: Yoga Master

Wrote this program in C++ using the .NET framework class library (just learnt the basics of .net). It was fun writing the program, came across a lot of difficulties, but it was fairly easy.

Yoga Master is a small tutorial program which gives description of some basic yoga poses which can keep you healthy if performed regularly. Only photos of yoga poses are shown in the program as I don't know animation yet. I don't why I named it "Yoga Master".

Just try out the program and give me some feedback as to improve the program further.

System Requirements:
  • Windows XP or later
  • .NET framework 2.0 or later.
  • any amount of RAM and CPU
Here is the link to download the program -> Download setup (0.5 MB)

I don't know anything about using GNU general public license in making the source code available. But still I am making the source code available, techys can download the VC++ project here (3.5 MB).

For those who just want to have a look at the program, here are a few screenshots,
click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Note: All the images used in the program were downloaded from Wikipedia, they belong to their respective owner. I hope I haven't committed any copyright infringement as such.

08 June, 2010

Electronic appliances

We are never satisfied with the electronic appliances we buy. We buy the appliance happily but when days pass by you are like, "yaar thode din aur ruk jata to isse accha mobile / TV / ... mil jata". It is futile to be crazy for buying latest electronic stuff, every year some new and superb tech gadget come to the market, and the prices of older gadgets dip instantly...and the cycle continues.

I've seen crazy people, every time you meet them they have a new mobile phone. Some are crazy for upgrading their Personal Computers. When I bought a PC a few years back it cost me Rs. 30,000 and the same PC now costs Rs. 15, 000. Such a drastic dip in costs. Recently, my sister bought a phone worth 7500 rupees, after six months, it was worth Rs. 6500.

And if you continue to wait, you'll never buy a phone. :P

I used to be crazy for mobile phones. Till now, I've changed about 3 mobile phones. The first one was very basic, then a slight advanced one, I always wanted more and great features. But now I have lost interest in mobile phones atleast.

Now my dad is planning to buy a new phone, he doesn't like his old phone anymore.

06 June, 2010

Nokia needs to improve upon s60v3/v5 homescreen.

As compared to other manufacturers' mobile user interface, Nokia lags behind in the design of their home screen (standby screen). You cannot customise your standby screen, we have to chose between only 3-4 designs. Nokia should allow placing of icons, sidebars or customised widgets on the home screen.
Nokia Standby
The standby of Samsung star is very interactive, it features a sidebar and widgets. In fact we can move the widgets, like a desktop icon.
Samsung star standby
Android's standby screen is on of the most simple and best, I think, very similar to a desktop.
No need to talk of IPhone, it is just awesome.

I own a Nokia 5233, and I think if Nokia pays more attention to their user interface, they can conquer the smart phone market (although still 40% of smart phones run Nokia's Symbian OS). Today's generation is more inclined towards the looks of a mobile phone.

04 June, 2010

Privacy settings recommended by Facebook

(click to enlarge)
According to these settings recommended by facebook, we have to share all our posts, photos, and status messages to everyone. In my opinion, our photos shouldn't atleast be shared with everyone.

What do you think, are these recommended (default) settings by facebook okay?

03 June, 2010

Buying vegetables is very difficult...

...for me. I don't know why. May be because I'm very bad at bargaining and I find it very difficult to differentiate the good and bad quality vegetables.

01 June, 2010


My brother Mayur is celebrating the 2nd anniversary of his blog. I wrote a guest post on his blog, thought of sharing it here too,

There are some people who don’t forget to talk to you, who are always behind you, encouraging you, stand by you in difficult times. I think they are your true friends, than someone who gives you study notes, pay for hotel bills, etc. I am very fortunate to have such good friends. And there comes the vacation time, when you miss your lovely friends who are away in their village enjoying, but you feel good when you talk to them on phone. Your ears soothe when you hear their voice, talk good things with then, and enjoy the conversation. And you smile when you hang up.

Only those are your true friends who stand by you. It doesn’t matter to have a friend as a girl or a boy, a friend is a friend, who always trusts you. Friendship is not determined by the money a person spends on you, not by the nature of the person, not by the attention he or she gives at you. It is determined by how much does he or she cares for you, stands by you when you are in pain, enquires about your well being. True friends always get happy when something good happens with you, unlike those people who are jealous of you.

Jealousy and friendship are poles apart, a true friend will never get jealous of you. If you ask a classmate for notes and he/she doesn’t want to give even if he has them, then he is jealous of you. Such people can never be your true friends. Rather if you ask a true friend for notes and study material, he will arrange it for you, even if he himself does not have any notes. Not only notes but your true friends stand by you in each and every situation, be it cheating in exam or a tussle with teacher.

We in turn forget our responsibility as a friend. We ask for everything but fail to give anything. Remember, friendship is a give and take relationship, if you only care to take everything and don’t give anything, then the relationship deteriorates. Our friends also face problems like us, we should care for them and help them. If your friend is trying to arrange study notes for you and the friends circle, you should not just sit and wait for the notes to arrive, you should actively search for arranging notes. Friendship is a collective effort. Fights and misunderstandings are bound to happen in friendship, look for ways to resolve them, and be friends forever.

I wish all my friends good luck and a prosperous life (both online and real ones).