24 August, 2010

This Raksha Bandhan...

Credits: Wikipedia
...I'm not going to college. The reason is 'Rakhi'. All boys have decided to bunk college to escape from being tied a Rakhi from their female classmates on whom the former have a crush on. There are a lot of unwilling brothers in our college. I second their idea, so yippie.. no college today. They say, there are girls roaming in college with a lot of Rakhis, and it is dangerous to attend college.

Imagine how would you feel if you have a crush on one of your female classmate and suddenly she turns up on Raksha Bandhan day and ties a beautiful Rakhi on your hand and says, "Where's my gift, BHAIYA?"
Oh my god! man! you're gone, you've become a BHAI now. All your chances are shattered. Thats why, don't go to college today. Be careful, be safe!

But still we can't escape from this situation. Girls are clever too, they will tie Rakhis tomorrow. So we boys are going to be a target anyway for few days.

And there are some of my friends who are very happy. They don't have sisters, so they are calling their female friends and asking them to tie Rakhi and take their gifts. Lucky girls! they always get gifts. Unlucky boys always have to give away gifts. Anyway its a nice and very happy festival, so enjoy Raksha Bandhan with your sisters.

I'm a bankrupt now, I have so many sisters (cousins) and I have to gift everybody. Mom!! I need money!!
Jus kidding. All my lovely sisters, come and tie me Rakhi, your gifts are ready, take 'em!

15 August, 2010

Poem: A humble request

From the heavens I descended to see my very own child
I gave it everything, I gave it love, and a peaceful birth.
Past is gone, present is bloody, humans made my child go wild
Is that what I sent humans for? To show no mercy to mother earth?

You call me God, you pray for your child in your womb,
Then why do you test and detonate another nuclear bomb.
I see no future for your children and your weeping wives,
you go on a rampage, killing people in your bid to survive

I wish I stretch my hands and cover all the nations
Erase borders between them, sheen then with Love's radiation
Then no suspicion will remain, no chance of rivalry
Unity will prevail all over, not just in a single country

I hoped to see all of you living in brotherhood
What went wrong? You created religions, you’re still getting rude
So rude that you frowned upon your brothers creating castism,
Living a life which has got nothing rather than just division

I wish I had my very own God to pray for you,
To tell you that this life is worthless and your days remain few.
Change your mind, your thoughts and the wrong things you’ve done,
Because I’ve given you an earth which is one and the only one.

I don’t want religion, castes, and race,
I just want to see your smiling face.
Because I’m your God and you’re my child,
Its my humble request, “Please don’t go wild!!”

-Gaurav Bhorkar-

12 August, 2010

06 August, 2010

Another Award!

Harman awarded me this time with this SuperStar Blogger award. Thank you Harman!

...and she tagged me to answer a few questions. Here we go

1)what do u wanna be in next life...ugly n rich or good looking but poor.... why?
Honestly, I'd prefer ugly and rich. Because I can use that money to change my looks i.e. PLASTIC SURGERY. hahaha..

2)how strongly do u believe in his power..? why?

I believe that there is something that controls this world. Reason, how could everything be in such coordination when there isn't something? How did life originate? Why only earth has life?

3)If u win a 500 million lotto..what will be the first thing in your agenda?why?
(plz be true to urself in answering)
500 million!! Baapre..um I'd first spend some money for me any family (Y' know buying a Merc, and other stuff, then some part will go to charity.

4)whom do u consider most beautiful person on this earth alive? n why....??
How do we define beauty? When 10 people say that someone is beautiful, then that someone becomes beautiful for us. Is that most beautiful person me?

5)describe urself in three words.....
Mediocre in Everything. (but somewhat good at some things)

6)India....in next ten yrs....where would it be?
India will be a very good economy but will suffer hugely from poverty, and corruption.

7)do u believe in mayan theory ...that world will end in 2012? why?
Nope, that's bullshit.

8)if the country faces trouble....would u be ready to give up ur life....for your country(u r the only child of ur parents and ur parents doesnt permit this !since its not mandatory...would u still go ?)
Definitely! I'll go for it!

01 August, 2010

Friends forever

The process of making new friends is never ending. Whenever you are in a new place you make new friends. In my school days I changed a couple of schools, hence made a lot of friends. What is the use of having such a large pool of friends? Most of them forget you as soon as the school session ends. Nevertheless, there are a few people who care to remember you, but these are very few people, very few. The concept of 'friends forever' in my opinion is somewhat bleak. I think people are good friends as long as they are in contact with each other, but there are exceptions. Your best friend may forget you but there can be someone who thinks that you are his best friend.

Among the pool of a lot of good friends I have, I consider about 4 people as friends forever. That's because they love me and aren't jealous of me at all. They always want my well being. In turn, I believe it is my responsibility as a friend to remain a friend forever. And I hope that I keep on getting such friends throughout my life. A few months ago I wrote a post on friendship on Mayur's blog, do check it out here. After many experiences I came to know that apart from the family, you friends are also important.

All I want to say is, friends are important in life. Don't forget your friends, care for them, and keep a contact with them so that you find out many friends who can be with you, forever!

Happy Friendship Day!

Update: I would like to mention the names of my best 4 friends.
Chaand, Vishal, Pranov and Ruchita, thanks for being my best friends!