11 April, 2011

Oh.. are you talking about caste ?

You know, one thing I hate the most is a discussion based on caste. I'm just pissed of when people say "oh Brahmins are kanjoos, they just think of saving money, blah blah". I used to think that I'm unlucky because I come under OPEN category. I'm talented yet I don't get admission in a college I deserve because most of the seats are reserved. People say, "I get a scholarship of so and so Rupees, oh.. you are open .. ". Now I'm a changed man. I don't care what people say about Brahmins, and RESERVATION because:
  • I don't want to be educated grabbing someone Else's seat.
  • I don't want the so called scholarships because I have enough money to pay fees. I'd rather donate money to poor people to get education. 
  • I'm not rich but I don't want free money in the name of scholarship.
  • I'm good without reservation because I can still get to the top. I have guts to prove myself
  • Those who talk of casteism are fools (This means that half of our population is 'pagal')
If you know me, then don't dare to talk to me on these issues. Because I cannot stand criticisms regarding things that belong to me and those things include my country, my family, and other belongings.

If someone encounters a bad brahmin then they say all brahmins are bad. Totally illogical I think this is. In my opinion it is the PERSON who can be judged, not his CASTE.

I'm not liking this post but still I have to write it to vent out my anger.