28 October, 2011

PayTM.com -> means lose money! (and get it back after a long time)

Today unfortunately I decided to recharge my mobile online, and ended up losing hard earned money.

After searching on the internet I preferred PayTM.com to recharge my mobile prepaid online. They have got a nice and simple User Interface to woo potential innocent people (like me) and trap them into their fraudulent mobile recharging website.

They have such a simple process to recharge your talktime:
  • Register on their site
  • Select a recharge amount and enter your mobile number
  • Pay using your credit card
Such a simple process they have provided, so that you lose your money very very efficiently.

After losing my money I wrote to their customer care but to my amazement, I've not got a single reply from the past 6 hours or so :(

UPDATE - as on Oct 28, 11:15 PM

I got my money back after a long wait of about 11 hours.
(May be PayTM guys read this post, thats why)

What do you think, should I use PayTM again ?

18 October, 2011

Learning by doing - It always works!

Old video, but always inspiring ;-)

15 October, 2011

Fan for our God?

Today when I walked into a temple I saw a fan running on full speed in the God's room.

Do you think God needs fans and air conditioners? There is so much electricity crisis going on in Maharashtra.

06 October, 2011

Steve Jobs passes away, but will live forever

Steve Jobs is one of the very few people in this world who brought a technology revolution. He is a person who has inspired countless people (including me) with his great style, skills, and charisma. Sadly Steve died yesterday at a very early age of 56 years. We are going to miss him immensely. Steve Jobs is surely going to live in people's hearts.

Apple paid the following tribute on their website,

Image Credits to Apple inc.