22 July, 2012

Life as a Lecturer

I've been busy in the past few months, I had a whole lot of work after graduation, applying to universities, finding a job, etc. Finally got a job as a lecturer in one of the reputed polytechnic colleges in Nagpur city. Although my desire still lies in pursuing a Master's degree ;)

So it has been a month teaching engineering subjects to students. Seriously, I learnt so much in this single month, I wonder I'm going to be a changed person after a couple of months. Many people consider teaching as a secondary option in our country, at least today's generation thinks that it is not 'cool' to be a professor. I think it perfectly 'cool' and 'sexy' to become a professor. It is such an awesome job! Although you don't get a fat paycheck in this field as compared to the IT industry, the job itself is very unique. The work lecturers do is very respected, the job itself deals with a lot of responsible activities. You know, people are noticing that I have become a responsible person.

Apart from teaching students, we have a lot of other work to do. We have to analyze each student's performance in tests, give attention to their attendance, support them in their extra curricular activities, etc. A lot of management is also involved, but teaching is the most important activity. Apart from that, I have a nice air conditioned laboratory of 30 computer's under me. Its really fun to manage all these activities!

The most difficult part is dealing with students. They are kids of about 16-19 years of age. Sometimes it gets really tough to control the whole class of thirty students when some "ICON" students create nuisance. Gradually I have learnt to deal with them. Now both I and the students are enjoying studying the wonderful subjects of computer science. Moreover, it gives self-satisfaction as I am doing the work that is highly regarded as "poonya ka kaam".

Do tell me how is your profession?