20 November, 2015

Dignity of labour

This video popped up in my Facebook feed. The message it conveys is amazing.

Who Is The Garbage Man?

A simple but powerful message for everyone of us.

Posted by The Logical Indian on Monday, August 24, 2015

Have you ever wondered why does your maid always sits on the floor when talking to you? Why a labourer will never sit on your sofa, but always on the floor?

Why is it that many think of auto drivers as "uncouth" and "not mannered"? Many people will behave badly with office boy or the peon.

The reason is simple, we have treated them so badly over the years, that they have forgotten the meaning of respect. Nobody respects labour in our country. We have so much pride that we fail to acknowledge that people with other professions are humans.

No occupation should be considered superior or inferior to the other. In western countries, no one is judged based on their profession. A truck driver is given respect as good as a teacher. In such countries, students take up many part time jobs like waiters, helpers, assistants, etc. This is completely unheard of in India.

Why is it like that in our country?

India being the biggest labour force in the world, we do not respect our people. This has led to people in such professions mentally affected. They are neither paid well, nor respected which leads to resentment by the oppressed. This leads to a "class" system which is not different that the "caste" system.

This needs to change. At least don't humiliate people. Just don't talk with them, but don't treat them badly. Be professional, respect labour, respect people. Teach your children to be nice!

Someone has said,
"No nation will prosper without giving importance to dignity of labour"

28 September, 2015

I am in Finland

I am in Finland! Yes, I have come here to study in Aalto University for my Master's program in Mobile Computing. I came here on 28th of August.

The first experiences have been really nice. Everyone here knows very good English, and there is absolutely no communication problem. Finnish is a difficult language, at least for now it seems till I pass my language course.

Aalto University - Main building
The weather has been really awesome so far, no so cold. Though I can feel the winter kicking in slowly as the temperature drops steadily every night. People say its really cold and dark in the winter. But I am very excited to see the snow! I have never seen a snowfall in my life!

Things are very different from India. Cars stop for pedestrians to move. Public transport is awesome. There is absolutely no pollution and its very clean everywhere (though you will see lots of cigarette butts everywhere :P)

The university is great. It is one of the top universities in the world and I can see it in their
Soon to be... :)

I'm learning to deal with this new country, new culture, and a new way of academics. Wish me luck while I settle in my new home for 2 years (at least) :)

26 August, 2015

I left Infosys

It is 2.30 am and I am not getting sleep. I have left a nice job at Infosys last month. Usually a vacation doesn't last longer than 10 days. It has been 25 days since I left my job and I am getting a very different feeling. I am missing those moments in office where I solved so many issues with my team. Missing my colleagues and the office environment. Anyway, now that I have left the company, I can't do anything rather than remember the good ol days.

Why did I leave Infosys?

Well, I ain't going to complain about anything here. I left the company because I wanted to study further. After two years in the company, I found out that to achieve my goals, I can no longer stay with the company and leaving it is the only option I have. I would have loved to stay, but I can't.

Why is Infosys so special for me?

Well, the real reason I miss Infosys is because of the friends I made there. It all started from Mysore Training days in 2013 where I learnt what real friendship is. Later when I was allocated a project in Hyderabad, it was a let down since I wanted to work in a development project, but this was a support job. Nevertheless, I learnt deal with and started liking what I did. I innovated, I did what I liked along with support work. Point is, the people around supported what I did.

I found the work culture very good in Infosys. Everybody is helpful and work in a team. Infosys is the first company I worked for, so I don't know how greener the grass is in other companies.

But I can't deny the fact the this company has had an immensely positive effect on me. It has shaped my personality, my skills, and made me a better person overall.

Credits: Wikipedia
Freshers!! If you get a change to work here, don't let it go beca
use you will learn a lot about LIFE in your first job here.


12 July, 2015

1.2 billion Indians

It was world population day on July 11 and India's population has already crossed 1.27 billion mark. As per government agencies the population growth rate is 1.6%. This means that every year the population grows by 20 million. That is equal to almost the population of Australia.

There are so many people in our country. I just wonder what will happen to India when she gets old? Like the European countries which have less people to work and more old people to take care of. India is doomed if it gets into such situation.

Credit - Wikipedia
On one hand India is set to become the youngest country by 2020 (report), while it also sits on an elderly population timebomb (report). As per reports, the old population over 60 is expected to be close to 300 million by 2050 and India's current healthcare and social security system is inherently incompetent to address this challenge. Of course India will still be a young nation in 2050, it will still be a challenge to support an increasing old population.

Population is an asset for a country if it is managed properly. The working population should be able to provide sufficient earnings for a country to support its elderly, and other non-working population. India is in its youth right now, which is itself the perfect time to plan for the future.

The current government is on a right path to stabilize the economy by starting campaigns (Make in India, Digital India) to boost employment for the youth. In a layman's terms, India should make lots of money, improve services and infrastructure and SET UP A FOUNDATION for a brighter future.

14 June, 2015

Change is good? Yep!

Sometimes I just wonder about the things that have happened in the past. The turn of events that have shaped my life into what is today; the events that are expected to happen which will supposedly lead to a brighter future. I am glad that such events have happened in the past because it was really cool to take those risks and make that jump over that cliff, and to fall face down and cry, make amends and try again only to rejoice.

Over time, our life becomes mundane and requires a change to add up spice. Changes that involve a bit of risk to add some excitement. Changes that clear the clouds on the way which leads to your goal. Changes are always good, no matter what. Because changes give you hope to sail ahead of the past and make the present better to leap into the future.

Be a risk taker. Make that change because there is an endless road to discover. Make that change because 'picture abhi baaki mere dost'. Make that change because that dream should come true.


04 May, 2015

Did you donate something for Nepal?

Donating a small amount is not going to make much difference to YOU, but collectively it means A LOT to the people affected by the Nepal earthquake.

I did my part and it felt good. Please consider donating, albeit a small amount.

There are a lot of options to donate. Make sure your donations go to proper hands. I donated thru my employer. 

29 January, 2015

The tech future ahead

Happy New Year Everyone!

I know I am posting this almost a month late but y'know its better late than never :)

So the other day I talked to my dad on Skype for the first time. He was so much awed by this, I can't explain. He talked about how the world has changed and how simple it is to be in touch with our loved ones. Although he finds it difficult to use his new touch screen mobile phone but every new update makes it easier to use for him. He talks about how difficult it was to keep in touch with loved ones, when there were nothing but land line phones, no internet, no video calling. Only hearing the voice of your family member used to make us happy. It is so better and so easy now, he says.

Image credit: ff.org
I think the government is doing the right thing by promoting and investing in new technologies that will be a part of India's growth. The bullet train is one such example of it. Another such example is internet for all. Right now India one of the largest internet users but only < 20 percent of its population uses it. Internet connectivity and computers are very important and can change the way students are educated in this country. The digital India initiative will and should make India what the Prime Minister calls "Knowledge Economy". And I believe that this country has a potential to do this given the huge population and number of graduates it churns out every year. Given proper training and education, this would be life changing for many citizens.

In the recent few years I've seen a huge race in mobile technology sector with new Indian companies cropping up almost every year. I believe it is very good for our economy. This has increased competition and fueled innovation. The low cost devices by these companies have connected millions of people to the internet. Did you know that 50 % of India's users are online through a mobile device? It is because of this. This is surely going to be like this for the coming years and I see Indian companies going on a global level selling low cost handsets and making the world digital.

I hope that many parents are connected to the world from the remotest place of India. All parents should be be able to video call their children and connect with them. That is why I say that it the Tech Future ahead for our country and I'm proud of being a part of it.