24 April, 2016

Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar!

"Let me know when Sachin is in 90s, I want to see his century", said my dad before he went to fix the air cooler outside our home. How could he be so confident that Sachin will score a century? But he was right about, Sachin wen't on to score a 100!

I was born in 1991, and I never saw the initial years when Sachin started to play cricket in 1989. My dad's generation is the one which saw the budding years of the "Little Master" and saw him giving hope to a billion Indians in those days. When I started understanding cricket in the early 2000s, Sachin was in his glory days. Like me, there are many many people who got inspired by this great player.

Sachin is a player who is loved world wide. A humble human being. A pride for those 1.2 billion Indian people who stick to their television and come to cricket stadiums just to watch the master play the game.

Sachin is truly an ambassador of this beautiful gentleman's game of Cricket. Happy Birthday to the God of Cricket!! Eagerly waiting for Sachin - The film!