18 August, 2009

Happy Birthday

Hello Friends,
I am very glad to tell you that my blog has completed ONE year. I have posted Just 15 posts (Very bad figure). Despite completing one year it is yet to gain some popularity. Anyways, at least my blog completed one year and I am now trying my best to make one post every three days so that by next year it will gain some popularity.

Happy Birthday to gauravsgoodblog.blogspot.com
Live long....


Pallavi said...

popularity of a blog is not equal to the number of posts... I think you blog makes a good read. Continue to write what clicks in your mind.. readers/commentors will follow :)

Belated Happy B'day

PS: made a good time pass for me today, when I needed it

Gaurav said...


Reading blogs is a nice way to pass time

Pallavi said...

yeah, esp yesterday :)

yogini said...

happy birthday!!1