06 September, 2009

Computer Moron

We already know that there are many morons in our colleges.
I recently had an incredible experience regarding this. This is how the conversation with my classmate went on :

X: I can convert Command prompt into a turbo c compiler.
me: That is not possible.
X: Yes it is possible. I've done it myself.
me: Then show me how its done.
(I knew that he is talking nonsense)

He then took me to the computer lab. He then opened cmd.exe and entered a command. This is what he got:

And the command was "EDIT"
I thought that it is better to pat him on his back and just go away.

Why do we have such morons ?


Anonymous said...

plzz gv me ur no i wnt to join ur classes...

Gaurav said...

Excuse me,I am not a tutor.