01 September, 2009

Please Remember

First of all sorry for not posting for so long.

Eleven days have gone so fast and tomorrow is the day of Visarjan (Immersion) of our lord Ganesha (Yes this time the festival is of 12 days...i don't know why). So, being an environment lover I am making this post to make people aware of the aftermaths of visarjan. Please remember the following things before immersing the idol:
  • Make sure that there are no garlands on the idol. (Remove them just before Immersion)
  • If possible immerse the idol in running water, especially if the idol is made from Plaster of Paris.
  • Take full advantage of the facilities provided by the government.
  • In my city the municipal corporation has made available large containers near lakes for immersion. Please use those containers to immerse the idol.
  • Strictly follow the instructions given by the police.
  • Don't litter anything on the ground. These lakes are beautiful and things littered by us remain there for days.
  • As you are in a crowded area, take care of your belongings.
  • Stay away from Hooligans and drunkards who are prominently on such days.
  • If you enter the water, please do not go into deep waters.
  • There are bins provided by authorities. Put all the flowers, garlands, fruits or anything you kept for the God (i.e. Nirmalya) into the bin. Don't harm the water body by putting such things into it.
The most important thing: Nowadays, the swine flu is very much in the news. So, take precautions (You must be knowing them !) because you will be going in a crowded place.


Soon I will be posting the photographs of the aftermaths of Visarjan.

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