15 September, 2009

SMS Language

Who d hell r u? Wil u temme ur name if nt den get lost n dn msg me.
Nw tel me wats ur prob n y u irritatng me

I am damn sure that nobody likes to read the above text. I was just irritating my sister with my new cell number and I got this message from her. Very less people in this world know the art of writing (At least my friends).

Firstly, it is difficult to understand such language. So much brain power is wasted in understanding. Some people combine this with all caps and a trail of dots (I don't know why)
Secondly, it irritates the reader. (At least I get irritated)
Thirdly, it gradually destroys your art of writing. Such people tend to write such language everywhere.

Why cant people write in simple and sober English even when they know the language ?
And when you tell them that this is not good, they say
"Whats your Problem ?"

THANK GOD, I didn't develop this habit.


Anonymous said...

keeep going gaurav!!! b'coz of such sms langu v hv to face many prob.

yogini said...

dat g8 of u dear!!! i love u r blog!!

Gaurav said...

Oh God !
You didn't read my post properly.

Tejaswini said...

okay brother I will follow you. thanks You opened my eyes :D

Gaurav said...

You have to follow them !

Tejaswini said...

okay okay.

Pallavi said...

Sms lingo has corrupted the way we speak and write..Tolerable still in personal capacity but when used in professional conversations it is not only irritating but also puts me off!

Gaurav said...

Exactly !

SMS language should be limited to SMS only.

PS: Thanks to CE and Biggie.