13 October, 2009

Diwali is a festival of lights, not sound.

With the day of lakshmi poojan nearing up, people are getting excited day by day. Shopping malls, streets, etc are flooded with people. Total rush in market places.

And when I saw a cracker shop, even more rush !

Coming to the title of the post,
People buy firecrackers which create huge noise (eg. Laxmi bomb, there are many types.).

What do you get when you explode those tiny bombs ?

Noise which makes you deaf, causes sound pollution, scares animals, litters the environment with pieces of paper, etc. (There are many more ill effecs that cannot be listed here)
Moreover, don't you loose your hard earned money in creating such irritating sounds and pollution.

Diwali is the festival of lights, so buy firecrackers which creates light and no (or very less) sound.


Tejaswini said...

yeah buddy! Alright keep it going.

Anonymous said...

b'coz of firecrackers noise pollution many people face lots of problem n every year i have to face cold n cough!!

Gaurav said...

@Anonymous, Take care of your health.

yogini said...

hmm!!! burn less firecrackers

Anonymous said...

I echo your views. I had stopped burning fire crackers when I was your age :-)

Gaurav said...

Burning firecrackers is a terrible waste of money.

Liladhar Patil said...

Nice Dp

Pallavi said...

it is also festival when one is supposed to step out and enjoy the lights and exchange greetings with their loved ones and not sit at home struggling to breathe due to the air pollution all thanks to the crackers!