27 October, 2009

Learn, but good things.

Before four years, one of my friend's batch mate got selected in a youth exchange programme. He was very happy as he was going to The United States of America for ONE year. When he returned after an year, he was totally changed – his way of talking, his style, he had started smoking, etc. Obviously, he fell pray to the country's very 'open' culture. He was unhappy when he came back, he wanted to go back. After completing his 12th standard, he again went to US. This time not through any exchange program, but with his own money (i.e his father's). He took admission in a reputed engineering college there.

Suddenly, after completing one year he came back. When friends asked him about the cause, he said that he had miserably failed in the first year (because he enjoyed too much and didn't study well). And this time he was addicted to drugs and smoking! His friends felt very sorry for him. Now he is in India again doing the same first year of engineering.

I know that youth exchange programmes are very good. We learn very good and new things from new people. But you should not include bad things from other peoples culture to your culture. America has open culture, but you cannot follow that same culture in your own country.

PS: This post somewhat relates to a post on my brother's Mayur's Blog


Yogini said...

oohh my god he was addicted to drugs and smoking????
yes we should learn america things but there should be difference between good n bad!!
Addiction to drugs and smoking is harmful for health and too hard to live with these habits.

Madhav said...

Although i think to get into any habit is depend on our self only.

So you and Mayur are brother?

Gaurav said...

If you are confident, then you cannot fall prey to bad habits.

PS: yes, Mayur (dada) is my cousin brother.

Tejaswini said...

Even in our country students are addicted to drugs and smoking! Its not the culture which affects you its your own thinking and your attitude.

Gaurav said...

@ TJ aka Tejaswini
In America many people smoke. And if you are in the company of such smokers, there are more chances of you becoming addicted to smoking.

When many more people do the same thing (smoking in this case) again and again, then that thing becomes a part of their culture.
So ultimately the culture affects.

Gaurav said...

Regarding our country, the no. of smokers is far less than that of USA.

And ya, your attitude also matters in what affects you.

Tejaswini said...

ya, whatever you said i agree with you but you cannot blame the American culture!

Gaurav said...

I am not opposing the American culture. Every culture has good and bad aspects.
But the culture in which you are brought up plays an important role in your life.

Pallavi said...

okay... interesting post.. lets see, getting influenced by other's culture ( as in absorbing th negatives) is not right. and for that you don't have to anywhr outside..ppl can go astray even if they have not stepped out of confines of their village!

2. In India the number of smokers is going up radically how ever the number has come down drastically in US ( study done by Memorial sloan Kettring)

3. Taking good, bad, ugly is upto us...nobody forces it upon anyone. Like they say lotus only blooms in mud :)

the idea is not to question anyones culture the point is to question your own morals!

Gaurav said...

Yes, the no. of smokers in India is going up. I don't know what's the reason.

Tejaswini said...

ya the question is not about anyones culture..