21 October, 2009

The Taliban Scare !

News related to terror attacks by Taliban are making to the front page of popular dailies. Recently Taliban attacked Pakistan several times. Looks like the Taliban is very enraged with the US aid to Pakistan. They have also warned to attack India in the near future.

India always says that Pakistan gives safe havens to terrorists. Now those safe havens are turning against Pakistan itself. In my opinion, Pakistan should allow peace keeping forces from other countries to evict those dreaded terrorists. India instead of blaming Pakistan, should help her along with US and other countries. No country wants terrorists attacks.

The Taliban terrorists say that they want to attack India to liberate the India Muslims and the Kashmiris. But I am confident, they cannot do this. The Muslim communinity in India consider themselves Indian and they respect India (*I'm confident about this*).

Lets hope that the Taliban will soon be destroyed !


Gaurav said...

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Is everybody scared of commenting on Terrorism topics.

yogini said...

yes definitely taliban should be destroyed.

Pallavi said...

Will destroying Taliban solve the terrorism issue? What about other terrorist groups? Cutting branches of a tree doesn't mean the tree is dead. Uproot the problem of militancy and terrorism and such groups will die a natural death.

The Muslim community in India consider themselves Indian and they respect India (This is what I think and hope). - why do I sense doubt in your sentence??? Guess, don't place your confidence in your fellow citizens!

Gaurav said...

Ya, not only Taliban but all the terror outfits should be destroyed. This can be done only when strong countries join hands to defeat terror.

There are some illegal outfits like SIMI in India which should be destroyed.

Gaurav said...

I have full confidence in my fellow citizens, but there are some anti socials.
Those should be shown the way.

Suraj said...

Well India is not yet affected By Taliban so i dont think that we should give Importance to taliban ...and regarding the Indian Muslim and Kashmir n all..it is just rumour and nothing else because a couple of days back i heard the Interview of Umar Abdulaa that Kashmir was part of India, it is and it will be...as it is said by the chief Minster of J&k it is Enough 4 Talibanis and 4 all the People who are Interested in Seprating the J&K state from India

Gaurav said...

@ suraj
We should not only think of India, but the whole world.

If we don't destroy Taliban (and others) now, they will one day attack us.

And yes, Kashmir cannot be seperated from India. Also, Arunachal Pradesh cannot be seperated.

Pallavi said...

Anti Social elements are part od every community why just single our muslims each time.. is beyond my uderstanding???

Gaurav said...

The anti socials are terrorists.
Those anti socials should be thrown out.

Islam itself teaches us non-violence.
I didn't talk about the muslims here.

Pallavi said...

Glad to know that you didnt mean to point out muslims alone but all anti social elements

Durga said...

@ Suraj

That's pure selfishness " jab tak mera ghar nahi jalega, I won't help my neighbor fight fires at his home".

How can you sleep safely when you know terror is next home?

Its not Pakistan as a whole nation is a terrorist state and as far as Indian Muslims go, I have few of them as friends , infact I even have few Pakistani Muslims as very good friends of mine, who have same bas thought, Fight terrorism not religion.

Gaurav said...

as Durga said:

"Fight terrorism, not religion"