17 October, 2009

Today I fell into hell.

He he.

I fell into the hell.

Being the day of Lakshmi Pujan, I was supposed to wake up at 4:00 AM and do my daily chores, but I woke up too late at 6:00 AM.

I'm not telling this, my parents are. Ya, according to my parents (or any old Hindu person), if you don't wake up and bath before the sun rises (on the day of Lakshmi Pujan i.e. Diwali), you are supposed to go to hell.

Oh God ! Don't throw me into Hell.

Ha Ha.


Tejaswini said...

same here bro. meet u in hell ha ha

yogini said...

oo shit i forgotten about this day!!
i woke up @ 7.30am n dint bath yet!!
sme here man i also with u
hell mein bhi hell karenge aapn tooo!!!

Gaurav said...

he he

looks like many of my friends are going to hell.

yogini said...

kya has raha hai bei
happy diwali!!

khan said...

aare mei bhi tmhare sath hu yar!!!
waise mere kafi dost log bhi hai!!!

khan said...

Well Gaurav...regarding d hell which u have mentioned here is known as"NARAK Chaturdashi" in MArathi n Hindi!!(i Dnt Know abt English)
well n Lakshi pujan is Celebrated in d Evening time in same day!!! so both r Diffrent!!!
well n if m Wrong plzz 4give me!!!

khan said...

Well Gaurav do u have Faith dat you are supposed to go to hell n bla bla...on these sentences?????
well agar ye sach hoga na to Yogini tai app ki to lambe se lagne wali hai....hehehe q ki app se late Latif yaha koi nazar nahi aa raha!!! hehehe

Gaurav said...

No, I don't believe in all that stuff.

yogini said...

ye khan kon hai bei.....
& i woke up every except this year because i was not well!!
ek saal me kuch nai hota!!

Pallavi said...

Diwali was a chutti... isn't one supposed to sleep till late that day.. what the hell!

Gaurav said...

I don't bother of hell anymore because I know I'll definitely be there.

MadhaV said...

Oh thank god i woke up at 4.00 AM. so missed you bro in heaven. ;)