26 November, 2009

26/11: The Unforgettable

A year before 10 fully armed terrorists attacked the financial capital of our country, mercilessly firing on innocent civilians killing more than 180 of them. I sadly watched the news on television as the security forces brought the dead bodies one by one from the attack sites. Fortunately, at least one terrorist was captured, who paved way for investigators. Every time I recall the footage I watched on the television, shivers run all over my body.

Mumbaikars are very brave; the city was restored as it is within a couple of days.

No one can forget those deadly events.

Recently, there were reports that India is one of the most terror affected countries. A few weeks ago, the army chief rightly said that USA has not allowed another 9/11, UK has not allowed another London attacks, but India has allowed many terror attacks on its soil. Our country is attacked by terrorists and naxalites quiet often. Now it’s the time to stop this menace, we cannot afford another terrorist attack.

Hats off to all those brave NGS commandoes and (some of) the police force who prevented the perpetrators from turning the event from worse to worst.
The police need to be fit and fully trained to counter these attacks. Our police officers just sit in the police station with big fat tummies and accept bribe. The navy should also be improved. Why our navy could not detect such an infiltration from sea route? Well, it remains unanswered.

Wake up UPA sarkar. Aren’t you worried about the AAM  ADMI’s security.


Pallavi said...

hmm... like I said in my post. every person, every nook and cornner is exposed..

Gaurav said...

Everything is clear to people. They just don't think.

Like, we know not to bribe policemen, but still we do.