19 November, 2009

{Poem}: The C Programming Language

There is the C programming Language
Decades old, but still influencing the modern Age

A product of Dennis Ritchie's Wisdom
which made it to every computer System

Initially developed for the UniX
It became one of the best Six

Many languages were inspired by C
Thats why computers understand, think, and See.

Author - Gaurav Bhorkar
Creative Commons License
The C Programming Language by Gaurav Bhorkar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.


MadhaV said...

Dude previous theme was better.

Gaurav said...

Previous theme was too showy,
I wanted a simpler theme.

I am still searching for better ones.

yogini said...

nice poem...

Gaurav said...


Anonymous said...

Very good. Why not extend it further... there are at least 10000 programming languages still used.

Gaurav said...


I am working on it.

Amit said...

Nice Poem!

Tejaswini said...

nice poem!