14 November, 2009

Happy Children's Day

I want to live in an India where children:
  • are free from malnutrition
  • get free schooling
  • are not abused
  • are never into labour
  • get all the love they need
  • are never beaten
Such was the dream of our first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

A very Happy CHILDREN'S DAY to all.


yogini said...

& all this is impossible....

Gaurav said...

No, thats possible.

Only people like us can do it.

yogini said...

on 1 can do this it impossible ...

we are all busy in our studies and all other stuff

Anonymous said...

... are not discriminated against their casts and/or being Marathi, Bihari or some thing else.

Gaurav said...

Exactly right!