05 November, 2009

Poeple need to be educated for night driving.

At night, most of the people drive with the headlight in upper (beam) mode. This is a serious cause of concern. Recently one of my friends just escaped a major accident because of this. The very strong light of the vehicle coming from opposite direction blinded him for a few seconds.

Moreover, when we flash our upper (I mean your vehicle), there is no reaction from the other vehicle. Most people don't understand the traffic rules. You are supposed to switch the head light to dipper mode when the vehicle at the other side beams its light on you. There are other uses also.

I wonder why people want to see other vehicles and blind people instead of seeing the road.

Put the headlight in beaming mode only when you need it. Also, know the traffic instructions well.


Tejaswini said...

ya its really hard to drive at night because of such stupid people.

Anonymous said...

I know. This is a big problem in Nagpur :-)

Gaurav said...

I don't know about big cities like Mumbai.
But in Nagpur, almost 70% car drivers drive like this.

yogini said...

yes i am also tried of this kind of stupid people upper light problem.
many time while driving people forgot to switch on or of light & if we give them signal then also they don't understand it.

Gaurav said...

Its true that many people don't understand the rules.