10 November, 2009

Raj Strikes Again

Heard the news...its the headline on almost all the newspapers.

"MLA Abu Azmi slapped and pushed by MNS MLA's for taking oath in Hindi in Maharashtra Assembly oath taking ceremony."

It happened for the first time in history, a maha shame for Maharashtra. Isn't that more than enough, they want everything in Marathi. Goonda culture is on rise ^

If you watch the video footage, you will find that it was Azmi's fault too, he provoked them. What if he took oath in Marathi?

Indira Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar, APJ Abdul Kalam....are known for what they did and not for where they came from.


yogini said...

yes because of raj n mns we are facing such type of problem.
where as abu azmi has taken permission of taking oath in hindi.

now where is raj and his marathi pan???
now why he's not coming in front of media?

Gaurav said...

The Four MLA's were feted by the party.

Madhav said...

Raj Thakrey sucks.

If he knows your blog then sure he will force you to write your all post in marathi.

Gaurav said...

He he,

But atleast he thinks of the marathi mans' betterment.

Suraj Girolkar said...

...Seriously Raj Thakrey sucks!!!
i thik this is only publisity stunt 4 gaining votes of ppl of Maharashtra!!!
he is Breaking the Country by beating the ppls of other states..
n According to d Indian constitution which was written by Dr.Ambedkar..dat u can speak in any language in any state of India ...there will be no compulsation..so after this 1 thing goes in ma MInd dat is raj thakrey Bigger dan d Indian constitution???

Gaurav said...

He may be doing this for publicity.

Suraj Girolkar said...

Yes he is doing this Drama no 4 GAining the votes..n Publicity!!!!

Tejaswini said...

But some of Raj Thakrey's points are for the good of Marathi people.. He is not that bad!!

yogini said...

but he's making his own enemies in maharastra only!!

we are indian's aur aapne india me na koi hindu hai, na sindhi hai, na koi bangali aur koi kuch aur!!

pahale india hai phir jaat paat!!

remember the sentence of chak de india
try to under stand this!!

raj is trying marathi pan not for maharastra but for his vote's....

why mumbai only got 11 sets of NMS not other cities??

just for publicity dear.

Suraj Girolkar said...

@ Gaurav..He may be nahi he is doing drama!!!
@ tejaswini...4 some good points is dat Right 2 fight wid rest of Indian ppl???...MNS sholud be BAN..!! it will be good for our country..n 4 d so Called "MARATHI MANUS"!!
@ Yogini Impress ho gaya tuj se yar!!!

Gaurav said...


yogini said...


visit the website of manmohan singh
read what he's written its a sign of true INDIAN!!