01 November, 2009

YOU are not a human if:

* You pee in public places. (This is a common sight.)

* You jump a red traffic signal.

* You litter your city with garbage.

* You eat gutkha (of kharra, whatever it may be) and spit on the road (or anywhere else)

* You spit wherever you want.

* You accept bribe.

* You bribe someone. (Most of us do this)

* You tease girls on the road and follow them. (I've seen people doing this)

* You cheat a foreign tourists.

There are many more.

I wrote this post because I've been seeing all this since my childhood. Don't you want your country to be clean and posh. Someone has to take initiaitve to curb these 'inhuman' acts. Almost 99% of cycle riders jump the red traffic signal (even in front of a policeman). I don't care if people eat gutkha, but it feels very bad when such people spit in public.

A couple of months ago, I was in Bangalore. I was waiting at the railway station. I saw some foreign tourists putting unwanted stuff into the trash bin. And I also saw our 'indegenous' and literate students littering stuff in the railway station.
I felt very ashamed. "What would the foreighners think about our country?"

We need to change our attitude.


Prateek said...

I agree the situation is pretty bad. Most of the people do not care about their surroundings. The basic mentality of the people needs to be changed, if we want to see a cleaner India and yes provision of Public Toilets and dustbins at regular intervals will also help.

Gaurav said...

here in Nagpur, the municipality has installed dustbins at regular distances on the footpath. But still I see people throwing stuff here and there.

Pallavi said...

You are no good if you can't:

respect your other human beings and have a stupid superiority complex

refuse to help those who need it and rather stand and be a part of the tamasha

Pray to godesses seeking their blessings and hit women at home

exploit children

Gaurav said...

Thanks for adding more.

ChaanD said...

I m Human yaar.............

Great going with ur blog......
Your blog appearance is very professional. Great going....

Gaurav said...

Thanks Chaand.

yogini said...

99% students break signal and tease girls & 99% mens eat guthkha & other stuff & i hate all this things.
hopefully many of our friends will stop doing such things and tell every one about this.

Gaurav said...

Ahem! 99% is too high...
There are many civilized persons also.

Anonymous said...

I agree, you are not human. But you are INDIAN :-)

Gaurav said...

ya, you are an Indian, lol.
I was planning to give the same title.