12 December, 2009

Is splitting states to smaller ones justified?

In my opinion, yes!

I personally feel that smaller states (not too small) ensures better governance. Telangana should be separated from Andhra Pradesh, Vidarbha should be separated from Maharashtra, etc. But care should be taken by the centre not to go on splitting states one by one.

I asked some of my friends for their opinion on separating Vidarbha from Maharashtra. Most of them supported separation. One of them said that if Vidarbha is separated, then we (at Nagpur) will loose developed cities like Mumbai, Thane, Pune, etc.

But do you know that from where resources (like electricity, cotton, etc.) are supplied to these so called developed cities?
Its from the underprivileged, undeveloped part of Maharashtra called Vidarbha.
Vidarbha is always ignored by the Maharashtra government. Nagpur is the geographical center of our country, it should have been a developed city far before. When the politicians come to Nagpur for the winter session, it seems that they have come for a holiday or a picnic.

My father has visited most cities in western Maharashtra (because of his job). He told that almost all farms in western Maharashtra are provided with well irrigation facilities. There are gas pipelines in Mumbai, Zero load-shedding in most of the cities in western Maharashtra. Whereas, in Vidarbha's farms lack basic irrigation facilities, electricity, etc. Also not a single city in Vidarbha is free of load-shedding. There are three power-plants in Vidarbha, and a huge amount is diverted to western Maharashtra to make them free of load-shedding.

The ambitious MIHAN project in Nagpur is also a victim of the State government's negligence.
The list of complaints is endless. The promises made by the ministers wither within weeks.

If Vidarbha region is discriminated by Maharashtra Government, then why not have a separate state with Nagpur as capital, and govern the new state better.


Tejaswini said...

yeah it will be better for the development of Vidarbha. I support the separation.

yogini said...

no i don't!!
because if we think of separation then there will be no difference between pakistan & india.
i am tell this line from very starting that we are indian first, hindu, guju, marathi, marwadi, etc.. n maharastra is place of people like shivaji maharaj, mahatma foole, etc..
and i am sure that Telangana will not be separated from Andhra Pradesh and maharastra to tum logbhool he jaoo!!

Gaurav said...

I support separation not on linguistic lines, but for better development.

Bikram said...

Hey Read your article, What you say is true but what we need to also see is that our politicians can't be trusted. Especially in this scenario the Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao his party, Telangana Rashtra Samithi won only 10 out of the 45 seats it contested in the national elections. This is down from the 16 seats it held before, So we can assume that majority of people dont support this, India being a democracy the people's mandate is final, the people of Andhra pradesh am sure dont want this separation.

Anyway Nice article and a great blog.

Gaurav said...

What you said is exactly correct. Most politicians are demanding new states only for their vote share. For eg. Mayawati, who is demanding 3 states from UP.

Anyway, the center should think over a state's situation and decide whether there is really a need to create a new state.

PS: Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Aye Aye for Vidarbha :-)

Suraj Girolkar said...

ya it will be better for the development of Vidarbha as well as Nagpur will be d Capital place..
n apart from dat D Mumbaikars are njoying only on our(Which is Produced In Vid) Coal..n Electricity..n we r suffering d Loadshading pbl!!!
n Recently i read a survey on google dat in Vid..Behind ever 5 prson there in 1 marathi manus...so agar inte Marathi admi hai to why we r apart of Maharashtra???

Suraj Girolkar said...

@ yogini...soory bt tere Post phad ki hasi aa gaye !!!
bt ye tere barabar hai dat 1st we r Hindu n dan alll!!! gr8!!!

Gaurav said...

I already said that a state shouldn't be separated on linguistic lines.