17 December, 2009

{Poem}: Mother Earth.

God created the planet Earth.
Life was meant for this planet,
And here it took its birth.

The earth, being bestowed with life,
Was happy and joyed.
Then why is man cutting her with a knife?

We consider the Earth as our mother.
A mother who is nurturing us since long,
Then why are we preparing for her slaughter?

In spite of such trouble, our mother is calm.
But the time is not far,
When the angry mother will strand us in a filthy farm.

Author - Gaurav Bhorkar.
Creative Commons License
Mother Earth by Gaurav Bhorkar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.


Tejaswini said...

Rhyme scheme - a b a
nice poem dude! Keep it up.
Why don't u try your hand in poetry?

Prateek said...


Gaurav said...

@Teju, Patty

yogini said...

n nice theme!!

Gaurav said...

I was looking for a good theme since many days.

Pallavi said...

thats a cool poem you wrote Gaurav.. Keep up! :)

Gaurav said...

Thanks Pallavi

Anonymous said...

goood one!!

Gaurav said...

Guys, checkout the audio on this post.

Tejaswini said...

the audio is not clear man!
anyway good initiative!

Gaurav said...

Its not clearer because its computer generated...