10 December, 2009

Why Cricket is so popular in India?

Indian's are crazy for cricket. So much crazy, that other sports are not even thought by them.

Why are people so crazy only for cricket?

Well, the Indian people are not responsible for that. The media is responsible. Only Cricket is aired live on the Doordarshan (DD 1). I've rarely seen other sport live on the Doordarshan. If you look at the sports section in the news paper, you'll find news and articles related to Cricket all over, and that too with bold headlines. News related to other sports are situated in the corners with tiny headlines which don't make any sense.

Yesterday, India lost the T20 cricket match against Sri Lanka in Nagpur. Also, India won a hockey match against China in a semifinal in Argentina. Remember that Hockey is our national game. In today's newspaper, a very big headline stated that India lost the match with colorful effects and big images. The news about the Hockey game that India won was situated in the bottom of the paper and with no colors and images.
I wonder, if the media likes to see India loose and put their news in their papers.

This is the respect, the Indian MEDIA shows to our national game.

The most dreadful thing, many people think that Cricket is our national game.

The media is responsible for many things, they can change anything. This is the only reason why India gets 5,6 gold medals in Olympics.


Prateek said...

Some more achievement in the past week, the badminton pair of Jwala and Diju had reached the finals in the recent badmminton tournament (I couldn't follow the finals, so don't know the result) and in the same tournament Saina Nehwal had also reached the finals.
Suranjoy Singh reached the finals in the ongoing AIBA President's Cup (Boxing), defeating Mexican pugilist Asla 10-4.
You would hardly find these news on the paper, unless and until you have an elctron microscope with you.

Gaurav said...

The media is responsible for this.
They should give big headlines for achievement in other games also.

Suraj Girolkar said...

Hey bt hockey in not as Intresting as Crkt!!!
i Dnt Thik so Media is Responcibal..
even tho Hockey ion our National game..Dhekta hi kon hai use??? 2 less ppl!!!
n Crk is like Religin in dis country..so media ya ppr walo ko kya milega Hockey ki nws publish kar k As a Headline???
i Know i t not fair...par unhe bhi to apna ppr/channel chalana hai na?

Gaurav said...

@suraj, you said, "even tho Hockey ion our National game..Dhekta hi kon hai use??? 2 less ppl!!!"

But if the tv channels or newspapers will not show the matches, then how will people watch them.

Cricket has affected the popularity of other sports because of media.

Suraj Girolkar said...

bt Hockey is nt as intresting as Crkt!!!!
so uski nws publish kar k milna hi kya hai????
log crkt hi dhakte hai!!

Tejaswini said...

yeah! i agree media is responsible for this.

Bikram said...

Yes truly said, I play hockey myself so I know how it feels. I dont agree with Suraj Girolkar that hockey is not exciting, it is, who would want to sit for 5 days watching a test match, so many people take holidays , or miss work imagine the problems faced by people whne the babu's are away to watch the match.

Hockey should be given special look after all it is Our national game or we should get a mandate passed removing it from thats pedestal, have cricket there.

Nice article..

Gaurav said...


Hockey is a very interesting game. Although I don't play hockey, I love watching it.

PS: I played skating hockey when I was a child.

Anonymous said...

For the matter of fact, DD airs a lot of sports, including weightlifting and swimming. It is the matter of interests amongst people. We have traditionally loved cricket. And so it commands the prime importance. Watch a different sport if you wish, say golf. If there are hundreds of others like you, even Golf will reach the pinnacle.