17 January, 2010

Hair Cut!

I recently had a haircut.

I asked the barber to give me a GRASS CUT,
and he ended up giving me a GHAJINI CUT.

I am almost bald, I'll never go to that saloon again.


pranav said...

I think, he is fan of 'Memento'. No no, fan of 'Ghajini' south indian movie. Aaahh again wrong, fan of 'Ghajini' our indian movie. :P

Ankita said...

Oh my god, I also had a hair cut and she cut it so short that instead of being a blunt cut, it has became a "topla cut", in which I look way too funny.

But, I am Ok with the new look :P

Gaurav said...

It seems so. Even his hair cut was like Ghajini.

I can imagine how 'topla cut' may look like. Lol.

Madhav said...

@Ankita and Gaurav: Can we request for one pic of your hair cut please.. :ROFL:

Tejaswini said...

@Gaurav : you are looking like a egg Mr. EGGIE !!! he he he

yogini said...

i think
i am to late this time
or otherwise i always be a first person to comment on this blog..
let it be...

@gaurav- you are looking toooo sweet in your new cut!
and its different from Ghajini cut

@ankita- i know what topla cut means and i know how it look like..
hehehhahaha oops sorry!

@madhav-i like your idea!!
thoda post bhi big ho jayengi!!

Bikram said...

you should have put your pic here.. SO I could maro a comment on that..
Well lets put it this way less hair to take care of, and it will take a long time for another cut so Savings.. Yayyyyy..

Every thing has a birther side tooo he he he he :)

Pallavi said...

ohhh... a bad haicut! i know how it feels to have one... koi baat nahin, they always grow back..on popular demand put up your pic in the latest cut

let the janta decide if it is as bad as you think it is

yogini said...

yes i agree with you guys!

Gaurav said...

Yup. Those are the positive aspects.

Gaurav said...


Madhav said...

@Yogini: Why dont you take one pic of Gaurav and post it. ;)

So Gaurav How was the First day of College With Gajini Cut?

Gaurav said...

It was awful. I wore a cap in all lectures.

yogini said...

sorry madhav bhai
he's my small little sweet brother
i can't do that....
but truly he' look good....
and i gave him one cap also!!

yogini said...

maine teri hair cut k upan bahot socha!!!
and about comments you got from our relative ...
in end
i got
barack obama and your hair cut is very similar!
just have a clean shave!!

say very proudly that i am having hair cut like barack obama!

Gaurav said...

ha ha...

I didn't even thought about that. LoL

yogini said...

look i have brain!!