26 January, 2010

Happy Republic Day!

Today being a holiday, I just didn't sat at home, I went to various places and I had pretty unusual experiences. Below is the list:

1) Moms office
I decided to go for the flag hoisting ceremony here. It went on perfectly. The chief guest was some big officer, he gave an awful speech looking at the ground all the time. He talked of the continuously lowering rank of BSNL in the telecom arena. The reasons he gave were corrupt officials, and arrogant employees. I asked some people in the office about him, and found out that he himself is corrupt and very arrogant. Another officer in his speech asked the employees not to come late in the office. But the people said that he himself comes 1 hour late in the office everyday. The most shameful thing, some people sang the National Anthem wrongly. Such was their respect to their country.
Such people should be suspended, right?
2) The Zero Mile Stone.
This stone is in the center of India. I just wanted to share this pic.
3) The Sitabuildi Fort
This fort remains open for visitors only on two days viz Republic day and the Independence day. I went there for the first time. Not a very good place, as the army has occupied it and they didn't allow people to visit some good places in the fort.
4) The Maharajbagh
This is a type of zoo. I saw amazing tigers, bears, some beautiful birds, and the deadly crocodiles.
I was watching a Bear and an uncle was telling his son, "GORILLA dekho beta".
I was watching an Eagle and an aunty said to her son, "Yeh OWL hai".
I was watching a Jackal and an uncle said to his son, "Beta JAGUAR dekho".

I said, "Thank God! Atleast my parents taught me correct things".
Here are few good shots and a video.


yogini said...

yes, Such people should be suspended

The Maharajbagh zoo of nagpur is only for copration school childern only.
"GORILLA dekho beta", "Yeh OWL hai" and every thing is true.....

The maharaj bagh zoo is 2nd botanical garden of nagpur and 2nd suside place..

Gaurav said...

People cant even sing the national anthem correctly. Very shameful.

Bikram said...

Happy republic day to you too ..

Sad to hear about the fiasco at the office you went to, I remember in school we had to sing this anthem Everyday. and I still do remember it By heart and the Correct version.

The Zero Mile Stone:- I did not know it existed, any chance you could email the picture to me, I like collecting of historical places, Where is it. (I cant save it at work by right click and my phone does not show the picture properly)

Loved the Zoo part.. crocs look well fed :)

Gaurav said...

Thanks Bikram.

Ya sure, I'll send you those pics. The zero mile stone is in Nagpur city.

Gaurav said...

@Bikram:- I don't have your email address. Send me an email. You can find my email address on my profile (Click my name).

Madhav said...

The Zero Mile Stone.-- Intresting.