30 January, 2010

He submitted a BLANK answer sheet.

Yes, the guy who was sitting right next to me just wrote the roll number and submitted a blank answer sheet in today's paper. He walked out of the class as if he has done a great job.

And that too smiling at everybody and going out of the exam hall like a king.


yogini said...

i know all this stuff is very common now a days.
i think all this things are in trend or you can call it as fashion.

many student think after doing all this they will be hero!!

when i was in 12th many of my class mate including me have done this.

i know doing such things is not right and after words we have to face its side-effects.

but in some of college take exam for granted only.

i am not saying this because i am one of them but saying because my college is one of them!!

Gaurav said...

Ya people take it as a fashion.

Suraj Girolkar said...

bt Gaurav that means u were looking in his paper only..heheheh :p

Gaurav said...

@Suraj: LoL. Thats right, I didn't know anything to write on my answersheet.

Bikram said...

aye shabaaaashhhhhhhhhhhhhh... he probably forgot the CHITS he had made back home.. BTW as SURAJ says what were you doing looking at this answer sheet.. hope you wrote enough.. :)

oh man exams time I am glad i dont have to do many more.. i remember so many times .. the time when i had to sit for a friend togive his English exam, and pallava we had to go through changing the pic on icard , I was __ all the three hours pakade gaye to i will be debarred..

But bravo to him...

Gaurav said...

Yes, I wrote enough for passing the exam.

You've got guts buddy. I'd have been caught if I were at your place.

abha said...