20 January, 2010

I support Vidarbha.

Did you know that Vidarbha wasn't a part of Maharashtra in the pre-independence era?
It was a part of a state known as Central Provinces and Berar.

Today, leaders of all parties in Vidarbha have come together and have called a Vidarbha bandh to demonstrate support for statehood to this region.

I hope that the bandh becomes successful.

I support Vidarbha!


yogini said...

same here
I support Vidarbha!
i am with you!!

Bikram said...

I can understand what u say, but then thats the case with a lot of regions Punjab was the whole of Haryana-punjab-Himachal combined Politicians broke it into three , SO might as well get Vidarbha too..
What you need is politicians to go oh hunger strikes and do what the Telanga politicians did .. easy peasy ... :)

But division is never good in long run ... thats all i would say ..

MadhaV said...

@Bikram :

Sometimes Division is beneficial also as in case of Zarkhand,Utranchal After devising them they have Good Growth rate even more than government had decided for that States.. so in that case it is worth.

Gaurav said...

Vidarbha holds two-thirds of Maharashtra’s mineral resources, three quarters of its forest resources and is a net producer of power.

But still the region is underdeveloped.

Gaurav said...

Thousands of farmers committed suicides only in Vidarbha.

Something is wrong in the attitude of Maharashtra government, thats why even today farmers continue to commit suicides.

prajwal said...

VIDARBHA must have a state in it's own!!!!
it sound's from each person of our region....my friend i m with you and i m with those who wants vidarbha to stand it's own value.

Gaurav said...

Yup. Even the people of this region are supporting this.

Suraj Girolkar said...

Yes I also suppot vidharbha..

Suraj Girolkar said...

hey d map of India wich u hv uploaded is incorrect..caz Some part of North Kashmir is Missing!

Gaurav said...

@Suraj: The outline of India is correct. I downloaded it from Wikipedia.