03 January, 2010

The Indian attitude.

This is the famous "Telankhedi Lake" in Nagpur.

Look what we have done to this beauty.


Gaurav said...

Nobody cares for our environment.

yogini said...


all this because we all are careless!!!

we are not friendly with our environment!!

look this time also i am first commenting on your post!!

Gaurav said...

You are always the first.

yogini said...


Bikram said...

Sad sad.. India has such beautiful places to see but they are all becoming too dirty, We as a nation as humans need to start thinking about it ...

Here we have a fine of £30 - £60 if we find anyone littering, wonder if this will help there..

Gaurav said...

In UK they have a fine, but you'd hardly find anyone littering there.

In our country people just don't care.

Suraj Girolkar said...

aare ye sab bolne wale bate hote hai dat we will keep it free 4fm dirt garbage n all, ham kuch nahi kar sakte...We r Living in India so akhe band kar k aage chalo!!!
n ya agar koi rule nikalna hai to mere hisab se sab se pahale Ganpati visargan band karna hoga jo is mulk mei koi bhi band nahi karsakta...wether it is BJp govermant ,congress or ny other Secular forces!

Gaurav said...

This will be negative attitude, isn't it?

Lets take an example,
If you are at telankhedi eating a chocolate.
Will you throw that chocolate wrapper into the lake?
Obviously not.
You'll put it into the dust bin.
When people who throw things into the lake will watch you putting stuff into the dust bin and they will feel ashamed.
When more and more people see other people using the dust bins, they'll also start using the dust bins.

In short, "We have to change our mindset, others will follow us."

Gaurav said...

If you observe carefully, you'll find many people using garbage bins.

Tejaswini said...

absolutely correct!

Suraj Girolkar said...

aare bt yaha log kaha dhakte hai dusro ko ...we r living in India nt in Us or Uk...jaha log dusro ko dheak k sudhar jainge!!!
n waha ka crowd bhi cheep hai..pura adda of Slum n cheep ppl ka ho gaya hai futala!!
n i dnt thik we so shoud expect cleanly ness 4m slum n cheep ppl!!
better we shoud close our eves n go ahed!!

Suraj Girolkar said...

n u r saying dat we should put d choklet ppr in dustbin..dats ok..
bt wat do u think about Ganesh visarjan??
according to me it is d biggest source of polluting water atlest in our part of country..dnt know abt rest of India!

Gaurav said...

In my opinion, atleast we (as educated citizens) should not pollute our environment.

Regarding Ganpati visarjan,
Well, I think that cannot be stopped.
The only thing we can do is to immerse the Ganpati idol without those flowers and garlands.

Ankita said...

I think Ganpati idols will harm water only if they are made up of ceramic or other insoluble substances.
If they are made from earthen substance, they won't cause any harm

And, Futala is no more the so-called marine drive of Nagpur.

...I even feel bad seeing at the small kids, who sell chocolates and chips there!

Gaurav said...

Ganpati Idols made of POP or other insoluble substances should be banned.

PS: Ankita, are you related to Nagpur?

Suraj Girolkar said...
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Ankita said...


I am born and brought up in Nagpur.

Presently also, my residence is in Nagpur.

Gaurav said...

Thats great! Ankita

Pallavi said...

all water bodies in India will go the Yamuna way...dirty and dead

Gaurav said...

Thats bound to happen unless people understand its importance.