12 February, 2010

CrazyEngineers - You'll love it!

Proudly presenting you "The CE - Poem"
I am a crazy boy
I needed some intelligent peers
So I searched on Google,
And I found CrazyEngineers.

To my surprise, it was an awesome site,
Containing KYCEan and Small - Talk,.
I guess, the founders tried with all their might,
To make CE beautiful and fly like a hawk.

Happily, I joined the CE forum,
Where I found quality and original content.
I was surely in the perfect and best forum
And I logged out without any discontent.

If you are crazy,
Or if you are any Harry, Dick and Tom,
Then don't be lazy,
Quickly join CrazyEngineers.com

When I got admission in an engineering college, I wanted to know the meaning of engineering. I wanted to know all about my engineering branch (Computer Science), about Computer engineers, everything about engineering. So I started searching Google and visited various websites to gain good knowledge. Going through each and every search result, I landed on a very beautiful and informative website - CrazyEngineers. I was very impressed by the design and its content. The contents on the home page were so useful, there was a small talk section where interviews of renowned engineering personalities were posted. It was just amazing and I was very much impressed.

Soon I joined the forum and became one of the active members. In fact, I'm still very active on CrazyEngineers and I love being a part of such community.
We fondly call CrazyEngineers as CE and its members as CEans (Isn't that cool!). I joined CE in August 2008 and it feels like a second home (on internet) to me.

CrazyEngineers is an ever expanding community of people who are passionate about engineering. CE is an international forum of engineers (engineer means someone who is passionate about engineering). To join CE we don't need a degree in engineering, we just need passion about engineering. And I love discussing various topics with engineers from across the world.

You know what, CE isn't social networking. You may not find your old school friends on CE, but you'll make a whole lot of friends who are always ready to help you. At CE we honour people who contribute greatly, with awards like CEoM (Crazy Engineer of the month) and KYCEan (Know your crazy engineer). Awardees get CE T-Shirts and cool stuff which make non-crazy engineers jealous. We also have various contests, for example, we had an online paper presentation contest recently, currently the CE BlogStar contest is going on.

If you have any technical query, start a new thread in CE forum and your query will be answered within hours. If you have any non-technical query, start a new thread in CE forum and still your query will be answered within hours. You want project ideas and seminar topics? No problem! you'll get it on CE. CE is flooded with intelligent and cool members who are always ready to help, and that too for Free!

So if you have passion and if you love contributing knowledge for free, then join CE and be active there. Registration is very easy, just fill in a simple form and you are ready to fly with Crazy people. On good contribution you can win CEoM or you can be featured on KYCEan (like me).

CrazyEngineers is Uniting Engineers Across the World!
I'm proud to be a CEan!
Check out CrazyEngineers ultimate website
-> http://www.crazyengineers.com/
And check out the ultimate CrazyEngineers forum
-> http://www.crazyengineers.com/forum/
Click to visit CrazyEngineers


Madhav said...

Simply Awesome!


good work.
all the best gaurav

Gaurav said...

Thanks Madhav and CP!

Ankita said...

Nice composition there.
It's a great way to spread the word about CE ;-)

Anonymous said...

@gaurav: nice post, all the best

i love to read poems..hope, will read more poems here

Gaurav said...

@MS_CS:- Ya sure, more poems to come soon!

Gaurav said...

@Ankita:- I hope that this post will drive more people to CE.

Anil Jain (CrazyBoy) said...

Nice one,

However, you are not Crazy Boy...Thats me... :)

Just kidding...

Gaurav said...

@CB:- he he..I know that! But I am also as crazy as you.

Tejaswini said...

all the best :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. May the $10$ reach you.
PS: Me and Teju (and all her and your friends) will party in the rest of the amount :-)

Gaurav said...

Ha ha ha


sahithi pallavi said...

Simply superb gaurav. Very Nice poem. All the very best to you.