20 February, 2010

Exam Time!

Well, not for me but for the 12th standard students.

(If YOU are a 12th standard student, then I guess you are well prepared, because you are reading blogs.)

These days the most tensed people on earth are the Indian 12th standard students. They have a whole burden of preparing for the board exams and performing practicals, on their little tiny heads. Don't worry! Every Indian passed through such phase. Go through these following suggestion which I think, may reduce your tension. Also tell them to your friends.

  1. Be cool! Why are you studying so much when you haven't studied for a whole year? Just chill. Study as long as you are comfortable.
  2. Avoid night studying. You don't have to go to school / college, so study in afternoon.
  3. Plan your studies. Pre decide how much of each subject you are going to study thoroughly, before the exam starts.
  4. Eat healthy food. What will you do if you fall ill? So, avoid outside junk food. Your mom prepares delicious food, why don't you eat it?
  5. Also drink lot of water. (Avoid lot of water on the day of your exam. Otherwise you'll be constantly going to the toilet....ha ha.)
  6. Take small breaks while you study. This way you'll be able to concentrate.
  7. When you open the book, don't just constantly stare at the INDEX page. Start studying the important material.
  8. You feel very tensed, take out your i-pod or any music player and start listening to songs. I used to hear heavy metal (Metallica) songs. Seriously, it relieved my stress.
  9. Don't ever think of taking cheats to the examination hall. If you get caught, you'll be suspended for three years. You know how huge are three years. What will you do? You'll ruin your life.
  10. Take the 12th boards as any other exam. Believe me, 12th papers are easy (Yes, they're easy!).
So, follow those 10 points and I'm sure you'll pass with good marks (even if you haven't studied so hard).
One more thing, remember 3 idiots! All iz well. Tell your heart that you've studied well and you will gain full confidence.
Best of Luck!

PS: Why 3 idiots was not released at our time?


Tejaswini said...

I agree with the 7th point!! i just keep staring at the index page he he!!
this may help many !!

Nima said...

He He!! Nice suggestions. Hope they work for your 12th standard readers..

Suraj Girolkar said...

hEy Gaurav nice 1 yar!! hopefully tere ye blog Phad k kuch improment hoge muj me..n all the 10 points r gr8..surly they will help mei!!!

Suraj Girolkar said...

@ Teju...tere laye 5th point hai he he he he...
n @ Gaurav...the Blog is very nice bas akhir mei Best of luck dal de!!!!

Ankita said...

Real good suggestions. I was also thinking to write a guide to high scores...for us engineering students :-)

But right now 3rd sem results awaited :-P

Anonymous said...

"When you open the book, don't just constantly stare at the INDEX page. Start studying the important material."

Nice :D

Gaurav said...

When our 3rd sem results will be declared, God knows.
Waiting for your engineering study guide.

We all just do that.

PS: Thanks for visiting.

Bikram said...

yayyyy I got no EXAMS so I got no worries or anything to do what u say yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy..
watch a movie .. go to a pub .. roam around come on .. welcome ALL he he he he he

I am sure someone is going to be angry with me...

Prateek said...

I think boards are overrated. They are one of the easiest examinations anyone can ever sit for.

Gaurav said...

@Bik: No exam, no worries! Ha ha...
Well my 4th semester exam is nearing.

@Prateek: Thats right. Boards are easier than our college exams. The only hurdle is the tension and stress of a BOARD exam.

Gaurav said...

Tejaswini and Suraj

All the best for the boards

Suraj Girolkar said...

Thanks Gaurav!!!