10 February, 2010

New Bloom

If you are passionate about environment, or you just love nature, or you care for our mother Earth, then New Bloom is for you.

New Bloom is an NGO which envisions the world where nature and science co-exist and support each other.

Don't you want to live in a world where winds are fresh, river water is clean and crystal clear, rivers don't look like gutter? The world where you breath Oxygen and not pollutants. The world where there is no pollution, no pollution based diseases.

Then start supporting the cause,

JOIN US at New Bloom

The NGO is in its infancy and needs YOUR support to grow up.


Yogesh said...

I'm With you Gau !!!

Yogesh said...

please also post a thread on saving indian tigers only 1141 tigers left in india...

Gaurav said...

Thanks Yogesh!
Did you register at New Bloom?
You can also give us any of your suggestions there.

Nima said...

From where did you know about this site? Is it your friend's or someone you know?

Gaurav said...

Yes its founded by from someone I know.

his blog->http://unpredictableblog.wordpress.com/

Prateek said...

Thanks Gaurav. Looking forward to everyones support.