25 February, 2010

Poem: Oh my Grandpa.

This poem is dedicated to my grandfather. Today is his first death anniversary.

Oh my Grandpa!
I wish you could be here,,
To see me become an engineer,
To pat me on my back and say,
"Well done, my dear!"

Oh my Grandpa!
Why you became God's dear,
Don't you have any fear?
The almighty should have allowed you,
To give me more inspiration, here.

I remember the day you were resting,
Resting on the bed of flowers.
That day I cried over and over,
Watching the funeral pyre burn all over.

Oh my Grandpa!
I make my message more clear,
I'll become the best engineer,
Trying all my best and
Make you more happier.

Still, I'll miss that moment,
If you were here
To pat me on my back and say,
"Well done, my dear!"

Author - Gaurav Bhorkar.
Creative Commons License
Oh My Grandpa! by Gaurav Bhorkar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.


Bikram said...

I understand exactly where that is coming from..
excellent poem..

I miss my granddad.. But he is watching over you Gaurav.. And i am sure the day you do something good you will feel the Pat on your back, and if you listen carefully the Words toooo...

Gaurav said...

I wrote this poem months ago.

Thanks for your comment Bikram.

Suraj Girolkar said...

abe Gaurav jabardast be...Realy Hatts off 2 u!!!
this shows dat u defenately miss u r GrandFather...

Gaurav said...

Yes I do miss my Grandpa.

Nima said...

Excellent way of expressing your thoughts about your grandfather. Nice dedication!!

Ankita said...

Whoa! Liked it.

I also miss my Grandpa a LOT!
His first death anniversary is just a month away.

I also wrote about him:

I wish he could have stayed with us for more time.

Gaurav said...

"I wish he could have stayed with us for more time."

My aaji (Grandma) always says that.

Anonymous said...

really good poen hope i wud hav also seen my granpa i just saw him in the photo may be i wud have also been missing him 2day yaar can you publish my poems on your blog too please....!!


tension mat le anonymous mai he hu.....!!

Gaurav said...

@soulsnatcher: Thats great. Send your poems to my email with a Creative Commons license, and I will publish them under your name.

Anonymous said...


yogini said...

truly i am not have words to express about this poem!
i m speech less!!

Pallavi said...

Gaurav, this is the best ever post written by you.. i can so releate to these sentiments...!

i too wrote one a few days after I lost my grandpa.

Gaurav said...

May be because the words came from my heart.

Anonymous said...

I miss Nana Aajoba too :-(

... and the 'aloo-gobhi pohe', his favourite.