28 February, 2010

Should I buy a domain name?

Currently, this blog is getting about 30 - 60 visits a day. Seeing this improvement in number of visitors, I am planning to buy a domain name for this blog. After buying a domain name, my blog will have a definite identity on the internet. Moreover, domain names aren't costly these days. It will cost about Rs. 500 per year for a .com domain (I can save my pocket money, although I don't get it).

Currently, I'm thinking of good domain names like gauravbhorkar.com, goodgaurav.com. Unfortunately the best domain name for this blog (gaurav.com) is already parked by someone else.

So guys, please answer the poll on the right hand side (ie the sidebar) ----->

And as always, you can suggest me any good domain name in the comments section below.


Nima said...

Yes, I think you should go for it. :)

Gaurav said...

Well, Nima, can you suggest some names?

I'm confused whether to buy goodgaurav.com or gauravbhorkar.com

Nima said...

Name.. What kind? I mean related to your good name 'Gaurav' or just some random name. You can come up with some name related to your personality or your nature since you know yourself better. And the two names you mentioned, well, they both sound good.

Nima said...

And for the confusion thing, I think this might help you. I read it somewhere. "When you face choices, just toss a coin..Not because it settles the question but while the coin is in the air you'll know what your heart is hoping for." :)

Gaurav said...

I liked that coin tossing method.

Pallavi said...


you want to have your own domain, go have it! you write well and readers enjoy

Gaurav said...

Thanks for the suggestion Pallavi.
gauravthinks.com seems good.