05 February, 2010

White collar businesses in our (my) country

Yesterday I visited a Dentist.
Yes, some caries were developed on one of my teeth, so I went there for filling.
Dentists in my country (India) are very rich. Rather I'd say, all Doctors in India are very rich. So, when my treatment was over he charged a good (high) amount of  money from me. Plus, he gave me no receipts.
I have never seen a doctor who gives receipts to his patients.
No receipts means no taxes! Because of these illegal doctors, our country is behind. I have also heard that doctors and medicine companies have 'tie ups', so that the doctor only prescribes their medicines.

Not only doctors, there are many types of 'white collar businesses persons' in India. Some of them include lawyers, shopkeepers (yes, they also don't give receipts), petrol refilling stations, and many more.

There is our mistake also. We never ask for receipts. Do you ask for a receipt when you refill at the petrol pump? No.
I know you'll ask the same question to me. Even I don't ask for receipts, it has become a habit.

I think we should change. Yes, we need a change to give a thrust to India's development.


Ankita said...

I don't know if you will believe this or not.
But just 2 days ago, I went to our regular petrol filling station at 9 in the morning...hurrying for the college..
And the guy actually asked me to wait to get the printed bill of 100 Rs. :-o I was shocked. I kept the bill carefully. :P

Nima said...

Not all the doctors or other people whom you mentioned are corrupt. Some of them (very few though) work for the sake of the people. Corruption, which you mentioned has its roots in the politics. The governance is wrong and that's why people are like the way they are. They know they won't get caught after doing illegal things and the process continues. And even if they get caught they bribe someone and get through.

Gaurav said...

@Ankita:- he he... there are exceptions!!

@Nima:- Yes, not all doctors are corrupt, but most of them never pay taxes.
And yes, politicians are corrupt. We need to devise some better system to curb this. Corruption cannot be stopped, but it can be reduced, surely.

yogini said...

when ever
i fill petrol i ask them to give me bill...
my law sir V.K.JAIN once told me about this.
then after i started.
i don't know about doctors and all.
but yes if you ask them about bill they surely give you because they are registered shops.
but we Indian will be indians only!!

Bikram said...

YEah a Good thought.. but the problem is .. People dont have time to sit and wait for them to make a reciept , what should happen is the Govt should make it compulsory to have electronic tills. THat way a Bill is Produced irrespective of If you want or not .. and theres no escaping that ..

But yeah a good thought I will make sure I ask for one each time i do something when i visit india.. PAKKA :)

Gaurav said...

@Yogini:- Yes, we need people like your law teacher.

Gaurav said...

@Bikram:- Electronic bills seems to be the perfect way.

Somebody tell the government. They don't listen to the common man.