16 March, 2010

Blogger's new template designer

Today, this new blogger feature caught my eye.

No need to download third party templates.
No need to tweak the source code of templates.
All customizations can be done with the new Template Designer.

All you need is blogger in draft.
(When you log in, just replace the www.blogger.com/home with draft.blogger.com/home in the address bar)

Do have a look at the post at Blogger in draft blog.

A few screenshots here:

(click on the image to enlarge)
I'm going to try this soon.
Blogger rocks \m/


pranav said...

Hey, I just visited your blog.
Surprisingly, I have also written the post related to new Blogger Designer, as I also liked it a lot.:)
Check mine!!! and design too. ;-)

Gaurav said...

This feature is really awesome.

Your blog's theme is looking good.
How is mine?

Ankita said...

Looking good.

And is the header image a pic from Nagpur itself?

I think it is. :-)

Gaurav said...

@Ankita: Yes, it is the greenery of Civil Lines (my home)

pranav said...

Yup. It is nice. :)
Simple and sweet with "nice" content. :)