17 March, 2010

Die IE6 die!

Dear readers,

Please avoid using Internet explorer 6 to view this blog. The browser has indeed become one of the worst of all. It has security lapses, several bugs in it. It lacks supports for latest web standards, and moreover it has no tabbed browsing. It is also seen as a sign of stupidity to use this browser. Many websites have also shunned supporting the worst browser.

As blogger rolled out the new template designer, the new themes and designs will not support IE6.

So, kindly avoid IE6 and let it die peacefully. There are many alternatives to it, like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc which are way better than IE6.

PS: Many people like me have already stopped using it.


pranav said...

You are not alone my friend. I am with you.
IE-6 is really worst. :(

Gaurav said...

Statistics show that 20% of netizens still use it.