29 March, 2010

Greed is not good (in NFS)

I am playing Need For Speed Undercover these days to overcome exam stress. It's quiet a good game with nice cars and excellent graphics. Started playing it a couple of weeks ago, now I got a hang of the game, and I am cruising my career in the game, quite well.

I collected a lot of money by winning races and evading cops. I already had a couple of good cars which I got as pink slips. I had money, and Lamborghini Gallardo was unlocked, just had to buy it. Bought the Gallardo, upgraded its handling and power and I was down and out (in the game). I was left with no money, but Gallardo was just awesome and superfast. I again went on winning races, breaking pursuits, and having a lot of cash again.

You know, human mind which is very greedy, I thought of purchasing the Bugatti Veyron which is the fastest car in the game. I was worth $2,50,000 and I had about $1,75,000. In the greed of having the Veyron, I foolishly sold my Lamborghini at $1,20,000 and purchased the Veyron.
There was I driving the Veyron rashly, and I found out that the handling of the car is not very good. I was struggling to keep the car's pace during turnings and police roadblocks. Ah! and the police caught me several times and they impounded my car.

Now I have a Porsche 911 GT which is not as good as the good old Gallardo. The other two cars are awful and I am struggling to win races. I have no money to purchase another Lamborghini. No! Why am I greedy?

You see, greed affects in the virtual world too.


Bikram said...

never mind .. Start all over again ... nothng to loose heart about..

Gaurav said...

Yea, its just a game.

мσηιкα ツ said...

Yeah, NFS is my favorite game aswell. :D

True, Human beings are greedy, never satisfied with what they have.

Super writing skills. I felt as if you are actually driving the cars... :)