01 March, 2010

High Holiness

Happy Holi to all.

I used to play holi but from the past year I stopped playing because of the harmful colours the people use. I am only comfortable with the gulal and water. While I'm writing this post, people are playing happily, some anti-social drunkards are roaming aimlessly on the road uttering abusive language.

So, regarding the title of this post, High Holiness, means, too much Holi (not Holy). Yesterday, I viewed the Holi bonfire in our colony, after that, I went to my aunts house which is about a few kilometers from my place. The road was full of smoke, so much that the visibility was affected. Maybe because of too much burning of the bonfire. On the route of a few kilometers I saw about three burning Holis. More Holis must be burning in the interior localities which were causing so much smoke. These Holi fires cause too much pollution.

Well, how can we control this pollution?
It is a religious festival so it cannot be controlled. At most the government can try to reduce the number of Holi bonfires. When we have the Ganesh festival in Maharashtra, one has to take permission from the police to install an idol at public places. And the police (Government) is clever enough (not really) to limit ONE idol per few square kilometers. This way the water pollution caused by immersion of huge idols made of PoP is reduced. So, in my opinion, the Government must have a similar approach to burning of Holi bonfires. Less Holi fires means less burning, which means less smoke and less pollution.

By the way, the holi fire has one advantage,

Anyway, a happy and colourful Holi.


yogini said...

i don't think so we can do that ...
because its a tradition of our country!
And because of that fire we are playing holi(colors)

Gaurav said...

Yep. Its a tradition, but the government can atleast try to reduce the number of burning fires.

Pallavi said...

Happy holi Gaurav...festival if celebrated the right way then is fun! and pls lets stop expecting the govt to even do this now as it is they don't do what they have to!

Gaurav said...

Happy Holi to you too, Pallavi.

Hmm...the current government is senseless.

Anonymous said...

Well the polution is not because of burning of wood. It is not a harmful pollution (as it has only CO2 and carbon particles. Sulphur, Nitrogen gases and silicon is more dangerous). I think people also burn plywood and other synthetic materials, which causes more polution.