21 March, 2010

I want to break passwords

Many guys ask this question on CrazyEngineers Forum.

Aren't there some good things other than trying to break other peoples' passwords. Why only hacking, phishing, breaking? Budding Indian engineers' brains are all stuffed with useless stuff. Ask a computer freak computer science engineering student, what do you want to become, dude?

He: I want to become a Hacker!

You: What? hacker? Brother, hacking is crime.

He: No, I want to become an ethical hacker.

Whether ethical or unethical, hacking is hacking, ie. doing wrong things. Very few people use it gracefully.
Instead learn other things, like creating good stuff (like me).

People are not going to understand unless dozens of geeks are behind bars.


pranav said...

Yes. That's true. Every computer geek wants to become hacker now a days. I know many people who are completely trying to hack others password or hacking some ABC, XYZ website.
Obviously, they can't. But they just try.
Now, I don't know why they try this.
I also knows the part of hacking but I never used it anywhere on internet and will never use.

Bikram said...

Thats true .. I too want to learn this trick.. especially getting into accounts.. I work well i support a payroll system and we have about 22000 peoples salaries going out every week.. I told a friend and he was like ONE PENNY from each employee.. each week into my account .. WOWOWWOWO

he hehe

Gaurav said...

@pranav: I'm not at all interested in hacking. After all, who recognises hackers? People who work for security are recognised.

Gaurav said...

@bik: ha ha...Seems interesting, but I'm damn sure it's very difficult. Before rolling out anything, the creators always think about the possible attacks first.

Anonymous said...

Well thought. I totally agree!
People think it is more fun and interesting which is beyond my understanding.