31 March, 2010

Why do people wave their legs?

Just returned from a skin clinic. The man beside me was waving his leg so vigorously. He didn't even cared that he was irritating people around him. I guess he was busy in his own dreams.

I got so much irritated, changed my seat, at last.


pranav said...

Just one word - Dimag Kharab
That's all I want to say.
I hate that.

Harman said...

..its very common problem and if one gets into it..hard to leave..
these r part of manners in prefect..10.. habits..
..most of the people ..when sitting ..forget that.. in public!

Ankita said...

Yes it's irritating.
It's common with people who are "hyperactive" or with un-calm mind.

@ pranav : You should be posting on my site www.DimagKharab.com :-P

Gaurav said...

PEople don't have self control.