08 March, 2010

Woman's Day

Happy Woman's Day to all readers of this blog!

We say that women today are scaling heights, but still, many women lack basic support from their families. Female infanticide isn't uncommon in India. Women face many atrocities in India (I'd rather say South Asia). There are regular cases of harassment, trafficking, domestic violence, child marriage, etc. As compared to boys, less females are enrolled for basic education.

According to one report, 47 % of Indian women were married before attaining 18 years of age. This means that half of the Indian women have suffered a lot. Imagine, you are a teenager and you have to take care of several babies, a husband, with no time to play, no college, no studies.......ah! this makes me feel sick now.

You may argue that these activities are more prevalent in rural areas. That isn't true. My friend (a girl) told me that her parents were planning for her marriage last year. I was just shocked. She's only 18 in first year, and her dumb father wants to rob her off the good moments of college. But hats off to her, she fought with them, argued with them and made them think. We need women or girls like her, who knows their rights, and who can fight and not just blindly obey what others say.

Long live all (good) women, I respect you!


Bikram said...

Well maybe its the right thing to do.. I respect them too.. but i have had my eyes wide open now .. Not all women are same .. quite a few you will find are equally vindictive and bad .. pity its just a few who get a bad name to many ..

Gaurav said...

Yes, there are exceptions...