28 April, 2010

Farmville - It's really getting bored

It seemed an interesting game, but it's getting really bored now. We start with a small farm of four plots, and eventually goes so big that you start to hate the game.

Why do I hate farmville?
  • The farm gets really big and I find it very difficult to plow, then seed, then havest, those virtual crops.
  • The fame loads very slowly even in a broadband connection
  • If we want to delete several objects, we have to delete each of them individually
  • What is that FV cash? Bull**** we have to buy it.
  • I can't wait for crops to grow
  • It is very addictive, in fact, you are always worried about your crops to be withered.
  • Why is it possible to unwither crops in FarmVille? Developers are mad, I guess.
  • Whats the use of a Post Office, School, etc. is a farm? I told ya, developers are mad.
  • We find fuel in our farm which we can share but cannot be used by us. He hehehea hahaha.
  • People call me to send a certain gift in farmville.
  • The farm does not look real, it is like a cartoon.
  • The well is just for decoration, you cannot draw water from it.
  • To add to the frustration of players, the developers should have added the functionality of watering the plants.
  • The points system seems faulty. Everybody is desperate to get to the next level.
  • Hehe..rice grows up in 12 hours, wheat in 3 days. How true!!
  • You can move the trees.
  • I hate the ugly sounds made my farmville animals, especially the pigeons.
I can list a whole page with negative points. People are so much addicted. Hehe..but very very few people buy stuff for their farm in FV with real cash. Seriously, that is also possible in FV.

I stopped wasting my precious time on FarmVille. I can now surely do some other interesting and good work which yields me something good, not like FV.


Prateek said...

I have stopped playing these games a long time ago. They are good initially but you soon grow tired.

Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

very true. i passsed thru this stage long long ago :)

Ankita said...

I am not addicted to facebook. :-P

Gaurav said...

@Ankita: Thats good, try not to be addicted. I was just farming at FB, now facebook is no more for me.

Harman said...

addiction of any kind is bad...except few..things....

Madhu said...

I never played it...talk of super ignorance..i pop up! :P :D

Bikram said...

I also never played it , But have heard about it .. So as harman says Addiction is bad of any kind :)

Gaurav said...

Yes thats right, addiction is bad.

yogini said...

i hate playing fv from many days
till 18th level i tried my best
later on i give it up!!
felt very bored.