23 April, 2010

The future of Delhi's 28 storey Civic Center

Indian cities expand outwards, not upwards (I hope you understood that). Our country lacks infrastructural development and it's good to see a tall multistorey building in the capital. After the inauguration, MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) is planning to shift to the new building soon.

Have you ever wondered, what will happen to this building within a couple of years?
Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or Nagpur, there are people who have very dirty habits. Those dirty habits include eating Ghutka, Kharra, tobacco, ...eew whatever. Even I don't care if people eat shit, but I feel very bad when those jerks spit in public places. MCD's new building is a public place and soon it will have RED patches (spittings of Pan, ghutka, etc) on walls and corners of staircases. Now the building is very posh, but it will become dirty as soon as people start coming.

Few years ago a new Administrative building was constructed in Nagpur. It was awesome and posh, very clean. As soon as the administration moved in, after few months, a lot of Red Patches appeared, windows were broken, the floor was dirty, etc. The same will happen with the new 28 floor building in Delhi.

How can this be stopped?
People of our country don't want cleanliness. I see people going to the dustbin, but throwing stuff around it and not inside it. People don't care about surroundings. This cannot be stopped until there is a lot of awareness. The government should invest money on awareness campaigns. But before that the government first needs to clean the cities, and stop their own employees from spitting.

You know why people move out of India to developed countries? It's because they like the cleanliness which is maintained in those countries, unlike India.


Nima said...

Agree. Even in our building, there are red patches around the corners(even after the white- wash). The law here is not very strict or needless to say there isn't any law regarding these matters and so people carry on with the 'chalta hai(ye India hai)' attitude.

Gaurav said...

Thats the problem with we Indian people, the 'chalta hai' attitude.

Harman said...

I am surprised people r still like that?..yuck..
whats use of education if there is no civic sense..!laws ..should be tight penalty ..like in US..every single thing matters..

Gaurav said...

US people want to follow rules, but here, the people think that public property 'unke baap ki hai'

Madhu said...

I am a stickler of tidiness..guess few people who love cleanliness are enough to make things work..

Thanks for following me..:)

Gaurav said...

Absolutely right.