12 April, 2010

IIT-JEE Coaching, my story.

Indian parents do not use their minds extensively, they can be easily influenced by anyone. I had terrible experiences when I cleared my 10th board exams. Somebody told my parents to prepare me for IIT-JEE exam, and that somebody was our relative, I guess. The fact that one of my cousins is an IITian was enough to inspire my dad. I was a kid at that time, I didn't understand anything and at that time my aim was to be a cricketer (hehe). I played good cricket and after 10th boards I also joined a cricket club, and was doing very well. So, the day my 10th board results were declared, my dad saw some advertisements of IIT JEE coaching institutes and their entrance exams. The same night he took me to 2-3 coaching institutes and filled form to take their entrance tests. At that time, all IIT-JEE coaching institutes were very new (except one). I took all the tests and passed in all of them (they deliberately pass you), and the dilemma started of which coaching institute to join. After lot of discussions and arguments I joined one of the institutes.

To join IIT JEE coaching, I had to sacrifice cricket, as the timings clashed. The institute was Kota, Rajasthan based and someone had told my parents that institutes from Kota are the best (They are the worst). The classed started and the time schedule was the worst ever, 6 AM to 10 AM, and after that I had to attend college till 5 PM. So I was squeezed all the way. Everybody told me that IITians are the best, they earn a lot, every IITian is a genius, IITians go abroad, blah blah... I also got very impressed (its human nature). I attended classes regularly and seriously, but soon I realised that IIT JEE was not my cup of tea, I am an average student.

I didn't understand anything in the classes but carried on as I was scared of my dad, because he would scold me very much for the money he lost. Then the time came when I couldn't take it anymore, but it was too late, almost 2 months of classes were completed. I thought that it is better to loose 25,000 rupees than attending two years and loosing 70,000 rupees. As you can see that IIT JEE coaching was way too costly for a middle class family like mine. I gathered courage and told dad that I wanted to leave JEE coaching. Thank God, my dad didn't force me go there again and then I left the classes. It took us about an year and half to win the case against that institute in the court.

My morale was down, I was worried as to which entrance exam to give. I loved biology, so started preparing for Pre-medicals, but God knows how I cleared state engineering entrance and failed in PMT. I'm now happy with computer science engineering and I'm interested in it too.

Yesterday I saw a lot of IIT JEE coaching institutes' advertisements in the newspaper. It reminded me of old days, its sad. So if you just passed 10th examinations, may be, you should think again and again, "Are you intelligent enough to clear IIT-JEE?" If you are confused, take an aptitude test to know your interest. There are a lot of career opportunities other than just engineering and IITs.
One more point, people say that you get prepared for AIEEE and state entrance if you prepare for IIT JEE. That's all bullshit. Have a single aim, if you want to clear AIEEE study only for AIEEE, and you will definitely clear that. But before that, know your interests, your intelligence, what you can and cannot achieve, don't just listen to what your parents say.

Think over it, I have lost a lot.
Now I know what I want and what I don't want.

* IIT JEE means Indian institute of Technology's Joint entrance exam (widely regarded as the most toughest exam at 10+2 level)
* AIEEE means All India Engineering Entrance exam (slightly lower graded than JEE)


Harman said...

I agree with you and one should pursue in his or her interests only ,make it a hobby and then enjoy it as a Career..
Nice posT

Ankita said...

Oh! So, Every Engineer has his/her story.

Good to see that now you have a mind which is well sorted out .

P.S. Which one did you use...Bubble, Radix, Shell or Quick? :-P (Just kidding)

Nima said...

Good thing that you stood up and spoke to your dad. Many students suffer because they don't dare to go against their parents' will.

Gaurav said...

@Ankita: hehe, first we will have to sort these sorts, too many of them.

@Nima: Ya, there lies the problem. A lot of students suffer.

@Harman: Thats the sole reason why I chose what I love.

Online JEE Coaching said...

Couldn't agree more ! You've to pick the career where your passion lies.

ravisharmas said...

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